Thursday, September 19, 2013

This Could Be My Last Look...

   Hey guys! I know I've been in an ugly funk lately but I'm slowly but surely trying to let go of that and embrace this new experience I'm facing. Embracing new things can be really hard there's no doubt about that, but holding on to the past, and holding onto what you thought you'd have is only wasting time.This present experience in my life is what I have to deal with, and I need to get over it. Now onto the outfit today!
       Today's outfit has both of my favorite pieces incorporated.My graphic tee from high school that I cut the sleeves off, and this Faded Glory maxi dress from....Walmart!The look is a mix of masculine themes due to the structure of the tee and the maxi dress beneath makes for a flowy, feminine look, built for comfort! I'm afraid we're in that really awkward weather stage of September but that won't last long in Michigan, and this may be my last Summery look.If you're like me, you actually enjoy the Fall so saying goodbye to the Summer isn't that much of a drag for me.Eventually saying hello to the Winter, now that is going to be difficult lol, but Tim Gunn is in my head again with an index finger and raised eyebrow saying, "Make It Work" and I definitely will.


Leave a comment below and tell me how you're handling awkward weather and awkward moments in life in general, lets get a party started in the comment section!


  1. lol, my last look for the Summer time and thank you doll!

  2. Oh I thought you were going to stop posting looks. I really this look, I would wear it!

  3. thank you and we'll get through the Winter together I'm sure lol!

  4. I hate winter with a passion!! So I'm not looking forward to it all but I'll just have to make it work. Love the outfit btw :)