Saturday, September 21, 2013

What Then?


           I asked myself a scary, horrible, tear inducing question the other day and it's still with me as we speak. What if it's not in the cards for me to receive a degree right now?When I add up how many credits I can afford to take out a year, versus how many I need to receive my Bachelor's in journalism, it's going to be a WHILE before I graduate. So I asked myself "perhaps a degree isn't in the cards for me now", and I immediately went back to sobbing and feeling forsaken. A degree is so important to me, it's my paper that says "you now have proof that you are in so much debt that someone should take pity on you and give you a job". My degree is my ticket to actually being in a career of my choice. If I'm not in school, or at least not now, where am I? What do I do without school in my life, what do I do if I'm not actively pursuing a degree?
       After asking myself that question, I  Googled "successful people without degrees" and I immediately exited the tab. I'm no Oprah, and there is only so many people in this world who can be Steve Jobs. Comparing myself to the stories of people like, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Pete Cashmore(the dude who created Mashable) is a waste of time because everyone's story is different, everyone's struggle is different, everyone's path is different. So much is riding on me receiving a degree, but it pains me to think I'll be spending about 10 years simply trying to receive my Bachelor's degree.
    I could cry about this everyday for the next 10 years, or I could toughen up and deal with the hand God has dealt me and move on. I'm going to simply roll with the punches and keep pursuing this degree even if it takes 10-15-20 years, because without it I don't know where I'll be.Giving up isn't an option because, what then? Will you be better off giving up? Will giving up benefit you? Will giving up, make things easier or even more difficult than trying to sustain through the struggle?
   When you feel like quitting altogether ask yourself "what then", ask yourself just what exactly is the next step after giving up and are you more content with the answer then continuing to try?I can't think of what happens after giving up. I don't want to give up therefore I don't have any clue what step I'd take after. I have no choice but to continue on this path and just roll with the punches, and with that my new mantra is "whatever happens, happens".