Monday, September 16, 2013


On my daily travels to school, I have to take a walk through the local mall to get to campus and I'm always walking past some awesome finds! I decided to share the items and trends that caught my eye with you guys starting with the Material Girl Line by Madonna! You can tell that leopard,and camouflage print are clearly huge hits in the accessory department.The studded canvas bag is no surprise, studs and spikes always become popular in the Fall and Winter.

I found that the Material Girl jewelry is eccentric and geometric which is always fun to play with. These statement pieces were some of my favorites for this section.

The jungle beasts above will be oaring through stores and malls all over this Fall and Winter. The first 2 tops were found in Forever21 and the last in JC Penney, I found a lot more graphic tees featuring the kings and Queens(yes I capitalized Queen because that's how we do things around here) of the jungle in stores as well. I love lions and tigers so I'm happy with this trend!

For some reason the Fall and Winter bring out Military inspired pieces like crazy! I saw a lot more camouflage and Military green jackets everywhere in stores, these are just a few. I like the Military inspired trend but I wouldn't fill my closet with these pieces, too much can make you look like you're wearing a costume.
Let me know what you've seen in stores in the comment section, or what piece did you like out of this post?

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