Saturday, September 28, 2013



      Here's another in-store adventure with me! I was in Sears when I noticed BONGO's shirts are sporting a lot of faux leather details.I couldn't ignore it if I tried, leather details are prepped to either give a sporty spin to an outfit or to amp the rock star appeal.Whether on the shoulder or rolled up in the sleeves, leather is impacting the brand heavily. Are you loving the faux leather or have you had enough of all this faux edginess?


       In JC Penney their Decree line was displaying a lot of damaged plaid. The already popular print has been remixed with loads of bleach spots to give the next farm boy a run for his money.Oddly I really like these tops, giving plaid a spin even if it's a rough one, really got me interested. Would you be willing to give these tops a whirl?

  Macy's has a Marilyn Monroe Collection full of fun, flirty skirts and with Marilyn's face adorning everywhere, left and right. My favorite piece in this selection is the faux leather skater skirt. I can see the skirt being extremely versatile for a night out on the town or make it casual with a chunky sweater. How do you feel about the Marilyn Monroe Collection? Can you see yourself sporting any of the pieces?

Hopefully you guys enjoyed window shopping with me! Let me know what you're seeing in stores and what you can't wait to get!


  1. looks like you had fun wondow shopping :). I like the look of that Marilyn collection!

    -Tara x


  2. yea, the Marilyn collection had some really fun pieces