Thursday, October 10, 2013

Makeup: What's Your Signature Look?

       Makeup is still somewhat foreign to me. My knowledge of makeup goes as far as the YouTube videos I've viewed...yea sad. Although I love the idea of experimenting with all kinds of makeup, finding a signature look is necessary. When you randomly decide to go out, a few basics to your favorite makeup look always comes in handy. So how do you find a signature makeup look? Interview yourself on looks that catch your eye! Questions like:

  • How much time am I willing to spend on my makeup?
  • How much money am I willing to spend on my makeup?
  • What part of my face do I want to enhance?
  • What are your favorite colors for your skin tone?
Then search for inspiration on places like Tumblr and Pinterest, but YouTube is the king of makeup inspiration topped with plenty of tutorials.Take in account a few things beforehand though:
  • Doing the same exact tutorial does not always mean your makeup is going to look exactly the same as someone else.Your skills are going to be different and depending on how much practice you have of course it's not going to be exactly the same.
  • Makeup enhances, don't expect the right cat-eye to change your entire life.Makeup is a tool not the lifeblood of your beauty.
  • Makeup should be fun.Be patient with yourself and don't pressure yourself you'll catch on and develop the skills soon enough.
    Now it's time to find what you like.My personal approach to makeup is pretty simple and kind of how I approach my clothing choices. I prefer a give and take method with my makeup, enhance the lips and keep the eye neutral or vice versa, but I always play with mascara!
     What catches my eye as far as colors and tones includes golden looks that make people look like bronze Goddesses, and strong cat-eyeliner is always a win with me. Highlighting the cheekbones and line of my nose is as much contouring, I know how to do. I use  a bronzer down the line of my nose and an orange blush on the tops of my cheeks, but one thing I've missed dearly is-eyeliner.

       Accentuating the eyes has always been important to me.My eye makeup is nothing too subtle but nothing too loud either, just enough to gather attention. My eyes are deep dark brown so little touches to make them appear slightly lighter or shine is great for me.
   Smoky eyes haven't really worked for me honestly(and trying to do smoky eyes in the morning is useless because my first class can make me sleepy, add in runny eyes...yea no good.).If eye makeup isn't the most convenient and realistic thing for me to do, lipstick  is the next weapon in my arsenal.

Lipstick Lush

     Lipstick can be fun and  lipstick can be powerful. Darker lipstick tones make a strong statement, it takes a lot to be able to wear dark lipstick. Where some people see scary and weird in dark lipstick, I see beauty, and I can't help it. A few of my favorite vampy colors are listed below, also check out my favorite YouTube video featuring the Yung Rapunxel lipstick which is a collab between MAC and Ms. Azealia Banks!


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