Monday, October 14, 2013

Mood Board Mission

        I use the doors of my closet and the back of my door as mood board holders.I'm not the only one  who does this right? Looking at the specific magazine clippings that catch my eye helps keep me inspired when going about picking out clothes. Posting pictures and sketches all over the place may be considered an adolescent tendency(like when your mom puts your picture or something on the fridge), but it's a lot more than that. 
     I read a blog post by Jessica of Look What I Got, where she visited the ASOS head office, she began describing the hair and makeup studio and how they use mood boards to inspire looks and the models' makeup. ASOS isn't the only company that utilizes mood boards Just Fab(an online shoe subscription) uses mood boards, many other companies are notorious for large mood boards to inspire for new trends, motivation and to organize objectives. 
    Besides brands, I noticed many bloggers have mood boards in their rooms too.When taking outfit of the day pictures of course your viewers are going to take notice of your room and how could they not notice the overflowing images behind you.When I notice a blogger uses mood boards and collages like me, I always get a sense that there's a little more spark going on behind the stylish blogger. 
      The level of creativity used behind collages and mood boards is great,it takes a lot to figure out what you want it to say and how you want it to be organized.Some places I received mood board inspiration are, the Pinterest board, Great Examples of Mood Boards another Pinterest board called Inspiring Mood Boards. Let me know if you have any collages or mood boards below in the comment section and if they help keep you inspired.

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  1. they really are and they're great for organizing your style obsessions