Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Poetry and Personal Style??


             This is the very first poetry and personal style post I've ever written for this blog. I want my two passions to fully collide. I feel that when you really bring your passion into what you do it will motivate you and keep you consistent in your content.I plan on staying motivated and posting a lot more this year so revamping this blog will definitely keep me focused.
    As far as my outfit those pants were a whopping....8.80 from Forever21 (by the way I won a gift card from a contest I did over on Fashion Meets God, formerly known as Just Jireh, for 50 dollars!!). I was so excited over these pants!Now if you know about my love of monochrome and my love of plaid, then you know these pants are going to get worn out.
    Of course I paired the tartan black and white pants with my comfy yellow sweater. This sweater is my go-to during the cold weather, because it serves as a splash of color and it's cozy.Let me know about your go-to clothing items for the cold weather also let me know about your interpretation of this poem if you'd like, in the comment section! It feels good to be back blogging again!



  1. To take the sting of rejection and get back up again. I love that part...


  2. Yes keep the poetry coming! I post fashion, poetry, fitness check out my Blog and hopefully follow me: https://www.takeiinspirations.com/

  3. I will definitely check out your blog and thank you!