Friday, October 18, 2013

The Style Critique

         Hello guys, today is a day of style self recognition. Sharing my personal style on this blog has always been fun, but it's time I really start evaluating my style choices and what I want out of my looks.I'm looking for a signature, something that's notably me about my look, I did a post similar to this when I began interviewing myself about what I want to put into my closet here, Finding My Signature.In Finding My Signature, I evaluate a few fashion bloggers who have noticeable style niches(although these bloggers do play in fashion, by no means do they stay in the box),I decided that instead of searching and trying out a million different things on my own to find my signature, that perhaps my signature is already here!My stand out quality may be here already and once recognized I can build on it.

  •  I love dark monochromatic outfits. I noticed looking through my outfits, I really do have a thing 
  • for playing with black, whether it's coordinated with another color or print, black is pretty consistently seen throughout my outfits.

  • I'm a Michigan girl and the Winter gets fierce here, so of course I'm all about layers. Cardigans,blazers,and motorcycle jackets or vests stay in rotation in my outfits as well.

  • My jewelry has to be big or quirky.I love cute earrings with character and fun details, they add that personal touch to even the most simple looks.

  • My favorite print is plaid. I've attempted to get obsessed with leopard,polka dots and stripes but nothing does it quite like plaid. Plaid is reminiscent of like old school rock to me for some reason, I always imagine some lead singer in a pair of plaid skinnies duck walking and strutting on stage, and I think that's where my love of it comes from.

         From my midnight monochromatic obsession, my love of layers and jewelry selection, I think these are my own tiny little signature look traits. Now that I've identified the things that I like most about my style, I'm merely going to build on this and keep it in mind when I'm being tossed into trend tornadoes. Staying true to the personal style that lies in your heart and going with what feels natural to you, is always a great way to approach buying things, and picking out outfits. Go with your gut and sometimes you have to reflect on that so not to get confused(because some popular trends have a way of manipulating their way into your closet and the next thing you know, you've got one 1 dozen neon items, and come to find out that color makes you sick, but you forgot that because your favorite celeb was sporting it oh so well). Stay true to your style and there's nothing wrong with reflecting on just what exactly that is!


  1. Ooh I love this post! Actually, I think we have so much in common style-wise - I love plaid and dark colors too, and my outfits are never done without an accessory :)

    - Che

  2. This was such an interesting post! I think that it's great that you took the time to step back & see what pieces & styles you keep coming back to. I myself was thinking about this topic the other day & am still not quite sure what mine is, but I'm going to have a lot of fun figuring it out along the way :)

  3. Thank you! And it was fun taking the time to look back at my style choices, I know you'll have fun too

  4. Lovely cardigan look and I dig the jewelry you wear too.

  5. loving your fun jewelry!

  6. thanks for commenting and thank you!

  7. We have a bunch of stuff in common!:D I like black, layering and statement jewelry too. But I also like colors and all sorts of crazy prints.:) It's good to know what's your signature so you don't get too carried away with buying stuff that momentarily looks good to you because then you're just stuck with a bunch of clothes you don't wear - but you still have to experiment from time to time and go crazy. At least that's what I do.:D

  8. love your hair and your style girl !


    St├ęphanie -

  9. Oh yea I try different things too all the time, it's always fun to step out of the norm!Although I love my signatures life is too short to only experiment with one clothing style!