Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Where to Find Style Inspiration?



     The last time I looked at my closet, I shrieked and ran away. My closet doesn't deserve the shriek and run treatment. I like to think of my ability to remix my wardrobe in a lot of ways as a talent, but lately I haven't had the will or the creative prowess to pull together new looks. I'm afraid either I'm losing my touch or perhaps, my love of clothing doesn't go as deep as I thought I did. It's time to take things into my own hands and actively search for style inspiration.  
     Where shall I go to find some style inspiration, something to spark my love of clothing again?To the internet!Of course I began my search for clothing on Tumblr, Pinterest, Fashiolista,even Instagram, stalking fashion hastags for a spark.Then I took to my Bloglovin dashboard I found a few bloggers who's style inspired me such as Glitz n GrimeEven Though I'm Skint and Vintage Doll Risa ,featured below. In my pursuit of of style inspiration I made a Tumblr dedicated to my love of dark colors and shades called Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark, in hopes of changing the negative association dark colors have. Feel free to check out Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark here,

After creating my Tumblr, I began thinking...where do designers get their inspiration from. There was a time before social media and the internet where people had to find inspiration in books,magazines and just genuinely in life.

       It's time I really opened my eyes and trained myself to see inspiration in any and everything. Exercising my creativity further will only benefit me,so finding style inspiration outside of blogs and social networks will be a fresh and nice change of pace.Typically I find inspiration in music,poetry sometimes architecture when I'm not glued to some social network. It's time I started exercising more outside sources.  Let me know in the comment below where you find creative inspiration outside of social networks.



  1. My inspiration comes mainly from the internet and real people in real life.

  2. I always see people, at least a few a day who manage to inspire my style, I love it!