Monday, November 18, 2013

   She Has The Eye has officially created a Twitter page!The Twitter page was created to share all the links, info and style tips She Has The Eye has to offer.Pay attention to the hashtag #EyeSpotStyle every Friday US Eastern time at 2:00 PM, where we tweet some of the best fashion blogger outfits of the week.In addition, I'm looking to build up the followers on She Has The Eye so I can conduct a monthly Twitter chat targeting topics of style and personal fashion expression . I really want to take 2014 by storm and build a wider and bigger base for both of my blogs. I've been sending emails left and right to get more writing gigs and sharing my blog links. Also I'm still doing the Chic Short Story series which you can give a read below, by a simple little click:  

                                                            The Grey Treasure Chest

I really do appreciate you guys for following me on my journey through all of my projects and writing!Sharing my journey with you guys with each bit of support I receive from you is amazing.I still have a lot of ideas to share with this blog in particular, and even more with She Has The Eye. By the way what would you like to see on this blog, latest purchases posts,style inspiration,ootds, more poetry? Let me know what you'd like to see in the comments below and I hope you're having an amazing Monday!


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