Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I'm Writing A Book...Again

       Hello beautiful people, I'm back with another outfit of the day and an announcement! Lets start off with this outfit, today has been ridiculously, rainy and blustery so I was extra bundled up.Today's look is fairly simple but come's a Wednesday, I almost didn't get out of the bed this morning at all.The easiest thing for me to put on besides pajamas is of course this sweater(you can hear about my love of chunky sweaters here, seriously I have a problem). This neon pink sweater from Charlotte Russe is a lot more versatile then I initially thought, and pairing it with my fairly new motorcycle jacket from Forever21 was an awesome contrast.
In addition to this new outfit, I have a new idea! I want to start working on a poetry collection 
  entitled Lightening Strikes like below. The poetry will be a lot more optimistic than what I'm used to.It will have themes of appreciation for the little things,exercising gratitude and happiness(these themes are fairly foreign to me, but that's why I want to try). I want to go about my poetry from a different angle this time, and maybe in the process I can get the last collection I created copy written and published. A girl can dream can't she!


  1. 19, 2013 at 4:18 PM

    Really love your style of writing, you go girl!

  2. Thanks,I really appreciate that!