Monday, November 25, 2013

One Little Red Dress

One Little Red Dress

       I bought a little red bodycon dress from Forever21 that is extremely similar to the one featured above and decided to take to Polyvore to actually figure out how I'm going to wear it. I admit the purchase was a splurge buy and it was so cheap(only 9 dollars) so I figured what could it hurt. Later on that day I found myself feeling so guilty, who am I to spend this money when I should be saving it for a car or to move out altogether.After my guilt trip I tried to take some of the sting out by reminding myself I don't shop often(I really don't, which is a bit contradictory to me being a bit of a personal style blogger...) and if I can figure out a lot of ways to wear the dress, I can transition it from being a splurge purchase to a staple purchase.      
  • The very first look is more focused on shine and sparkle with the fake crystal earrings and metallic bag.I decided to use a lightwash denim jacket as well to give it an 80s-ish appeal. 
  • The 2nd look is a lot more me and a darker twist on this fun look.The motorcycle vest is a classic edgy piece but why not add some playful tights for a fun statement.
  • The 3rd and final look is what I would wear to class.The cardigan is drool worthy, it's big, slouchy and super comfy.On my way to class I'd put little to no makeup which is why I only listed that gorgeous dark lipstick.
    After looking at the versatility in this little red dress it does make my heart a little less heavy for buying it. Am I the only one who feels buyer's guilt and if you do leave a comment below telling me how you get over it.



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