Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Positive and Negative

      I'm going to be perfectly honest with you guys writing optimistic poetry is a lot more difficult for me than I thought it would be. I want my collection of poetry to be uplifting and motivating that's part of the reason I'm naming it Lightening Strikes.I want my book to be the powerful light in someone's dark times.The only issue with my writing positive poetry is that I'm not feeling it nearly as much as when I'm speaking on other issues. You may be wondering "well why do you write depressing poetry, what good does that do?".
   Darker poetry explores themes of pain, where does the pain come from, what does the pain do, why the pain exists.Allowing myself to indulge in those murky emotions through my craft allows me to identify the origin of the nasty emotions thus helping me stop them or giving myself the tools to heal from them.
      I know the last thing anyone wants to hear is sad poetry.Some people actually do enjoy reading poetry that identifies with negative themes, because it helps them not feel alone in their struggle.I believe writing poetry that goes head on with darker feelings allows the reader to feel like someone understands.
     I know when I feel awful, it helps me feel better to know that this awfulness isn't an isolated endeavor I'm facing.So by sharing my battle scars through my poetry maybe I'm helping someone else realize that they're not the only people who have faced such wounds and that it does get better.
      Now I have a new mission. I want to create art that uplifts,energizes and pushes people forward to love fearlessly. I want to create art that buzzes, radiates creative thoughts and pushes people to take on the world. And yet, with all these goals blatantly listed above I'm at a loss for words during the creation process.I guess I just need to find my footing when approaching this new method of poetry and I need to be patient with myself as well. Leave a comment below about your craft,hobby or passion and when you've felt blocked(*cringes*).


  1. This piece is nice...I usually write uplifting and motivational pieces and when I'm feeling less than uplifted I try to create a scene in my mind the opposite of what I'm feeling and write about that (hope that makes sense)...If I do start something that's seemingly dark I try to give it a positive ending.

  2. I need to try that, creating a scene in my head opposite of that dark feeling thanks for commenting and sharing!

  3. I agree, optimistic poetry is difficult - you have great writing skills though


  4. thank you so much, and I'm slowly starting to get a handle on it