Friday, December 13, 2013

Trend #2

Black Floral Forest

Black Floral Forest by deejaystyles featuring a canvas purse

      Floral print with a black back drop is edgier than it's light-hearted counterpart and this is why I gained an adoration for it. Black floral print still has all the feminine allure of floral but when given a black backdrop it gives a twist of toughness. Above we have several items adorned with the dark garden print, my favorite item out of all of them is between the combat boots, and the round bag(I love different shaped bags they're so quirky and fun to me).Every time I look at this set, I can visualize black opaque socks,a motorcycle jacket and maybe one of those spiky headbands that were popular during the Summer time before floral crowns grew popular(I really love black floral crowns too).
     Besides the versatility of this print it speaks to a part of my personality, as far as the sweetness with an edgy undertone.Black floral print just "gets me" lol.Enough about me, let me know if you like black floral print,or prefer your floral print to have a lighter backdrop in the comments,and get ready for tomorrows beloved trend #3!

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