Saturday, December 14, 2013

Trend #3


Envelope by deejaystyles featuring a mint green purse

This trend is both fabulous and torturous for me.I'm at university majority of them and  carry a big bulky book bag with books that cost too much stuffed inside.I don't need to buy a clutch(but I love them).When I have the opportunity to carry clutch bags, the first one I'm grabbing is an envelope style bag.
What attracts me to the clutch is the simplicity of the shape.Like I've said in previous posts I'm obsessed with blunt geometric shapes and this bag fits that quota perfectly.When I indulge in this trend, I'm making sure that it's a bright color or a wild pattern. The shape of the clutch is so simple and blunt it's the perfect canvas for something out of the box to collide with it.
   My favorite envelope clutch out of the set above is definitely between the red and color block one at the bottom.The red makes the perfect splash of color on any ensemble and the color block one is franky...dope. The color block one is giving me 80s vibes, and reminds me of the film House Party(one of my faves!) Leave a comment below and tell me if a movie has ever influenced your style?


  1. ahh I am loving this post, that multi coloured clutch needs to be mine!
    such a great idea looking at the trends of 2013!