Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dear December


    Dear December,
    I hope you're a lot more kind to me than November. I'm not saying November was rude or anything, but it did lack a lot of inspiration.I know comparing you to other months isn't progressive.I should be thinking of the here and now, so right now I know exactly what I want from you.
    December I want to find my optimism again, some zest for life, inspiration and something to spark my imagination.December I want to make the most of you, and I want to achieve my goals so I can be fired up for the oncoming new year.I know this letter is filled with demands and is a bit rant-ish, but I figured we were pretty close by now, I mean this is my 19th year with you. Most of all December I hope you bring the world joy,love and blessings in abundance.With your holiday spirit I hope it possesses people to approach one another with kindness and understanding.Bring out the considerate and charitable parts in all of our hearts to lend a hand to one another, and hopefully this feeling can last longer than just a month.

With hope, Dinesha Johnson


  1. I love this. I also hope December will be better than last month, I can't wait until Christmas.

  2. Thanks and lets try and stay encouraged