Monday, December 9, 2013

I Got Bored With Fashion

        Hello beautiful people, I decided I'd share with you guys that I'm doing my own little blog challenge over on, it's all about fashion, trends, and maintaining originality.I will be doing posts every single day this December it's called Dynamic in December. Doing the writing challenge has really jump started my love for writing about clothing again.

       Believe it or not, I began hating doing style posts and writing about fashion trends.Writing about fashion was beginning to make me cringe because I felt like a lot of the posts I was doing weren't original.For every "5 Tips To...", post I was doing, I knew for a fact another blogger was out there doing the same exact one and this disheartened me.Not only was my fashion writing insecurity bothering me, but I had recently began indulging in those articles that paint fashion bloggers in a negative light and those stung me.I was considering leaving She Has The Eye behind altogether but this recent challenge has put spark in me again.
      I know that a lot of fashion tips and style posts can be similar but that's all the more reason to put more of myself into my posts. And as for articles painting fashion bloggers in a less than attractive light, I don't need to be concerned with that especially when I don't identify with the negative identity painted on fashion bloggers.With this new writing challenge, I'm being reminded of the things I do like about style blogs and actually feel really happy to writing again.Ultimately whether I'm writing about style or not,I'm never letting go of my passion for writing and when we neglect that passion, it's just a matter of forcing ourselves to remember because the passion is worth it.


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