Saturday, December 7, 2013

It's Not Christmas Yet Boo

  Hello beautiful people, you've probably noticed I haven't posted nearly as much as I used to and that's because of
  • Other blogging activities
  • writing other stuff
  • school
  • and semi-laziness
  • okay a lot of laziness
      The fact that I haven't posted an outfit has made me feel guilty but I have to remind myself that this blog is more than outfits, it's me and my expression.Looking back on the year for this blog, a lot of things have changed and posting wasn't as constant because 2013 was rough.I need to stop thinking about the negativity in this year and acting as if the year is already up, it's not even Christmas yet!
      So instead of looking back, I'm going to share with you the present state of my life.
Right now, I've been trying to build my collection of poetry and study for finals, whilst also attacking my guest blog post challenge(I only have 4, and I think one is buffering, I'll explain that later).I'm also currently studying for my finals next week! Yea, my life isn't entirely too exciting but it's a life nonetheless and living is a blessing in itself. If 2013 was rough for you at least celebrate the fact that you've made it more than halfway through. I'm happy to say I'm here and that I've made it this far.Now that I'm done with my banter, I'm going to share with you some of my current clothing wants below:Another Obsessed List

Oh and I have a new obsession with skater dresses, seriously it's a problem.


  1. Pretty dresses! <3

  2. Love your lists! The quilted jacket is really gorgeous.

    Jasmine For a Real Woman