Sunday, December 15, 2013

Trend #4


         The asymmetrical skirt is notoriously picked on. I have heard the "your skirt's only half way done", jokes before but frankly I don't care.The asymmetrical skirt has an ancient Grecian appeal to it, add faux leather and you've got an element of edginess too!Asymmetrical skirts are just bold, and scream "yea I'm not a full skirt, what about it!". Asymmetrical skirts also look fabulous on curvy physiques and I'm definitely here for that too.

Asymmetrical Skirts

Asymmetrical Skirts by deejaystyles featuring a bike skirt

Asymmetrical skirts are for the edgy, bold and daring which is why they definitely made my trend list for 2013(I'm still on the hunt for one).


  1. ahh yes I was waiting for this girl, great trend, especially love the leather one!

  2. thanks and yes that leather one is my fave out of the set