Sunday, December 22, 2013

Trend #12

Sports Wear

     In high school I was the farthest thing from a jock possible. I hated gym. I am not a fan of sports.The closest thing to athleticism I did in high school was running to my classes so I wouldn't be late(I'm a decent sprinter because of this actually). The varsity trend allows me to at least pretend that I was one of the cool girls that was good at sports.
    I noticed a lot of sports wear was seen on style bloggers with a knack for minimalism. Letting the jersey or varsity jacket speak for itself is a great style move, but this is fashion so it can go either way. I'd imagine wearing that black and white varsity sweater with a plaid skater skirt and black platform sneakers. Which piece of sports wear would you wear?


  1. I love the sports trend <3 so stylish! :)

  2. ahh I totts agree, sports lux was huge this year.
    Great selection too, I love the white and silver 99 top!

  3. i just cant get enough of this trend this year!

  4. yea it is pretty cute, I remember seeing one of your posts on sports luxe and that's what got me into the trend in the first place lol

  5. I can see it going into the Spring too!