Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Trend #6

      Tweed and faux leather are such a match made in heaven(even though I was spellbound by the connection faux leather has with plaid).Tweed says sophistication for some odd reason to me, perhaps it's the strong texture and its slate grey tendency.Now taking the strength of tweed, and adding the edgy association that's attached to faux leather and you have a well seasoned bad ass on your hands guys. 

6 by deejaystyles featuring a cross body

      Faux leather and tweed bags and jackets help build the canvas for something great. You already have your neutral(the grey), then you have your edgy aspect(the faux leather), add in a funky print or perhaps a neon color BOOM you've got fashion week realness. Tweed and faux leather were slightly understated but its potential for greatness was definitely not lost on me. Are you feeling the tweed and faux leather combo, or is plaid constantly winning in your book? Let me know how you feel in the comment section, until then get ready for the next big trend!

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