Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Trend #7

    Platform sneakers are a blessing from the fashion Gods, let the church say amen.Platform sneakers will give me height even when I'm on the go. I love feeling tall(I'm naturally 5 foot 7, but I always wanted to be 5 foot 8 yes that little bit makes a difference lol), and these platform shoes give me an extra oomph that I always want.


       Although I have a love for the simple black and white platform sneaker, I'm completely open to different styles.In my eyes the wilder the shoe the better,platform sneakers are already out of the box, why not? I'm eyeballing the all orange and all pink/purple pair, I could see myself strutting in these for the Spring and Summer.How do you feel about high top platforms? Are you down for looking like the fliest Amazon or do you prefer your sneakers to be flat?

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