Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Trend #8

     Holographic items for some odd reason were rarely seen in the shops that I went into, but oh was it on my mind. Holographic print just says FUTURE for some reason. I imagine women in holographic dresses showing up to a holiday party on hover boards(I watched too much Back to Future as a child). The holographic trend is a fresh take on metallic pieces and I welcome it with open arms!

        The holographic trend goes with a lot of things, but they usually take the spotlight for themselves.I could imagine sporting this trend with an all white look.Freshness in its most simple form is taking place with this holographic trend, and it's on my Christmas list for sure! I want to see this trend take charge during the Spring and Summer, I feel like it'll go well with some bright colors. Do you like the holographic trend or is it giving you aluminum associations in the worse way? Let me know in the comment section below how you feel!


  1. Didn't really see much of this trend, but its really great.
    You are right, it has future written all over it. Let's see 2014 den!
    That clutch is everything.

  2. love this trend! great post and collage!


    ♥ Ellen


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  3. thanks and it was a bummer to not see more of it in store, 2014 should be its year though!