Thursday, December 19, 2013

Trend #9

Midi Skirts Trend #9

   I present to you beautiful people the midi skirt or how some put it the sassy pencil skirt. I adore these midi skirts in fun funky prints especially the gold sequinned number above(New Year's Eve party anyone?). Besides the array of prints and textures, these skirts work for a lot of different body types.Midi skirts look fab on everyone, you just need to watch where they hit you,what shoes you're wearing and you can definitely make it work.Do not be afraid of the midi skirt just because it's a bit more fabric than you're used to, these pieces typically come off sophisticated or gives an air of fun maturity.
   Will you be trying the midi skirt this season, I can see them sky rocketing in popularity for the Spring(that is if skater skirts don't beat them to the punch...).I'm definitely Team Midi for the Spring, but are you? What other skirt styles caught your eye this year, let me know in the comment section below!



  1. I love the sequin skirts!

  2. your trend posts are so fun! Keep it up I'm enjoying them all.

  3. thank you and I appreciate the encouragement!

  4. they're so perfect for the season right!