Monday, December 2, 2013

When I Developed Personal Style

            I don't have any technical degree in fashion, nor any experience in the industry. I don't do reviews on collections or introduce specific new campaign releases.The closest I get to fashion is personal style, you may be wondering what's the big difference? A difference between fashion and personal style, is that fashion is the physical art produced and personal style is what people specifically do with it.Understanding the difference between them has saved me a world of anguish.
       When I was much younger and first began looking into the fashion world(think me as a 13 year old with a mass of magazines and a runway show clip playing on YouTube in the background), I was amazed by it.Something was so magical about fashion, that these gorgeous pieces aren't just to look at but also to wear.Getting older I began viewing fashion as an art form, but it came with it's vices. Certain parts of the fashion industry came off quite shallow to me. Companies that target only specific kinds of demographics as far as weight,social class,race and then my knowledge of the discrimination that models of color faced gave me another eye opener about fashion that frankly turned me off. How could I support an industry that I thought was about self expression and art, but had this narrow minded,prejudice underbelly?
    Don't get me wrong, not all fashion is made of elitist snobbery there's still a lot of genuine artwork being produced, but being presented with the ugly side of the industry pushed me away. After my rude awakening from fashion's negative side, I turned away from fashion blogging and focused on other aspects of this blog.My personal writing began taking more center stage even though I did miss sharing my style obsession posts.Would turning my back on fashion eliminate the flaws within the industry, no. It then hit me that the only person that can determine what I like, is me.If there were certain bits and pieces I didn't like, then it's my job to gracefully step over it and enjoy the rest.
     The fashion industry's darker side won't keep me from enjoying other aspects of fashion, like seeing what the everyday person does with these beautiful pieces. Through my realization of fashion's darker side,the birth of my love for personal style was born.
    Personal style is using your body as the canvas to drape it in art and then carve the art to specifically fit you.Through blogging I've witnessed so many different kinds of people who would normally go unrepresented, decide that they would be their own representation. I fell in love with these individuals who looked at the fashion giant and said, I'm going to take you, and wear you like I SPECIFICALLY WANT TO WEAR YOU. I have never fallen out of love with fashion, I just found a stronger love for personal style.

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