Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I Need A Blogging Schedule

I can't believe I've had these pictures just chilling in my gallery for so long and haven't shared them yet.I like to think I'm the kind of blogger who can live with a free-style posting schedule, but I need order!I've heard of some bloggers buying a specific blog calendar and i think that method would work for me.
I don't want to neglect my blog baby so this is me making the move to getting it together.
"Get it together", that's a phrase I find myself using frequently.It's kind of like an anonymous answer to a clear problem.You don't really know how, or what it is you're getting together but you know you need to get it.There are some problems that don't need clear answers,so the answer kind of finds It's easier not to label it and to keep an open mind to the possibilities and options.Do you know what I mean, or does this sound like gibberish, let me know in the comment section.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Before You Were A Blogger

Sometimes you get caught up in this blogger culture, and you forget what it's like to be on the outside of the community.When you're knee deep in this bloggerverse there comes a point where the fun takes a turn for the serious.You know you're becoming a serious blogger when you do the following:
  • Blogging randomly about anything becomes scheduled.
  • Teaching yourself about branding,measuring analytics and reading articles about the next big thing in social media becomes more of an assignment than an activity.
  • Your blogger journal is half filled with ideas and the other half with SEO tips.
  • You've set aside a specific blogger budget with your bank account.
Don't get me wrong, I AM IN NO WAY MOCKING, the act of professional blogging.Personally, I believe the following activities above are excellent blogging practices that I partake in frequently myself.But sometimes in the midst of developing a business perspective to your passion, the fire of your passion can be slightly dampened.
I found myself spending nights looking at all the articles and trying to devise a blueprint for my brand.Everyday on the computer was spent measuring and comparing analytics so much that I'd forget to post.My mind was a cluttered mess of numbers and frustration when I didn't reach those numbers.
Every time I realized there was a new goal I hadn't reached, it made me question if this blogging thing is really for me, that's when I got familiar with the term hiatus.My  writer esteem faltered and so did my creative mind.I packed up my bags and left the blogosphere and assumed no one would care that I was gone.
I decided to act like I wasn't a blogger and didn't have a history of drafts,posts and writing for the world to see.So as I looked from the outside, I realized things weren't as bad as I thought they were.I looked at my blog from an unbiased reader's perspective and actually liked what I saw.
I read through my own posts like I wasn't familiar with them already and found myself entertained.Regardless of the numbers, I was creating warm,fun,informative content and remembered what all of this felt like before I was a blogger.
Looking from the outside made me remember my beginning, when I was just getting my feet wet.Back before I drowned myself in the blog world,I remembered what it was like to splash playfully.
So for now I'm getting back to my blogger roots.I'm going to post when I feel like it. I'm going to play.It's amazing that it took me to stop blogging and to become solely a reader again to remember why I love this form of expression!

The Really Great Day featuring Marelee's Jewelry by Tapper's

When is the last time you sat down and reflected on the day you had and realized that it was outrageously awesome.We often get caught up in thinking about tomorrow while we're pursuing our daily activities.So in a sense, although we're acting on today our minds are on tomorrow.We neglect the present all the time,at least I know I do.
Yesterday, I practiced living in the present.I didn't allow my mind to wander into tomorrow, I just sat, relaxed and focused on what I was doing in the now.It was a little difficult for me to stay focused, so at times I would stop thinking and just focus on breathing.I would focus on the fact that I'm alive today. I would focus on my current surroundings to fight off my worry wart tendencies.
When I finally started living in the present, that's when I realized I was having an awesome day.
Living in the present+wearing timeless jewelry= #wining.
My day was filled with easiness, no rushing,no crazy lines,I hadn't left any vital things like my phone or my wallet at home.My bus wasn't late, the weather started off nice; and I got home with enough time to clean up my room, and still managed to get enough sleep.In addition to the ease of the day, I finally got a chance to wear these beautiful pieces from an online jewelry company named Marlee's Jewelry by Tapper's.I was sent the pieces earlier this week to share with you and I've been itching for a chance to wear them!
These pieces went so well with the dark palette of my outfit.The pieces had just enough sparkle to make my casual look stand out.You can tell a lot of hard work went into these quality pieces; and  I'm very grateful that this company asked me to feature these pieces on my blog so I can share the greatness with you beautiful people.If you take anything away from today's blog post, it's that I encourage everyone to practice being more present and to give Marlee's Jewelry by Tapper's a look!You can check out the link to their store here,

Jacket: Wetseal 
Boots: Gojane
Jeans: I don't remember, honestly I just don't know where they came from.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Beginner Blogger Questions


 I remember when I started my blog for the first time.I was so excited to hurry up and create content to share.I had lists upon lists of ideas and projects I planned on creating.In my pursuit of blogger greatness,I forgot to ask myself some very important questions.

   The 1st question is pretty obvious but that doesn't make it any less important:what do you want your readers to know about you?That "About Me" section is pretty critical.You have to figure out the best way to represent yourself in a few sentences that makes readers feel welcome.Do not neglect the power of the "About Me" section.

   The 2nd question is, from what position do you want to blog?There are various ways to blog,from co-blogging with multiple people or anonymously blogging giving no information or background on yourself and simply creating faceless,nameless content.Determine the kind of blogger you want to be by figuring out what personally suits you best.
     The 3rd question is what kind of blogger voice do you want to use?Do you want your voice to be laidback and casual?Perhaps a sophisticated voice would be better if your blogging purpose is to inform and educate.Determing your own particular voice helps make the message of your blog clear and creates easily digestible content for your readers.

Hopefully this post helps the next person who suddenly develops an interest in the blogging world.Feel free to leave a comment below about any questions you wished you asked yourself when you first started blogging.

Project Purpose

I often find the biggest issue for a lot of people when it comes to working is that they're putting forth effort without an end goal.When I work I have to keep in mind what I'm working for,it helps me stay motivated.If I was to begin a project that lacked purpose(which I've done in the past),the project always loses steam and I end up quitting.
You might be thinking "who starts a project without a goal in the first place?".Believe it or not there are people out there like me,who get the idea before the purpose of the idea.I might think about starting a new blog series because its creative and fun. All of the in-depth details for the project's purpose gets blurred over in the excitement of starting something new.
Instead of flying off with the enthusiasm of starting a new project being used as my motivation,I decided to write up end goals for everything I do.One of the best ways for me to identify my goals is to start asking myself questions like thenones below:
  • What do you like about this project?
  • Why have you been drawn to this project?
  • What will this project leave behind?
  • Who is this project targetting?
  • What effect will this project have on other people?
  • Is the purpose of this project to entertain,inform,persuade or all 3?
These are just a few starter questions to consider before venturing out on your next plan for greatness.Let me know in the comments below what questions your consider before starting your next big thing.

Friday, October 17, 2014

What Part of YOLO is This?

I always get super motivated and inspired by people who take huge chances and don't fall flat on their face.I'd like to be one of those success stories someday.I can see it now, The Girl Who Packed Her Bags With 100 Dollars to Her Name, Now World's First Zillionaire it's a lengthy headline, but I'll edit it later.The reality of the situation is that there are a lot of success stories that involve taking huge risks and also involve falling flat on your face.How can you be successful and fall flat on your face at the same time?Easy actually, I find that most success stories involve people who failed miserably, but their drive to keep going is what pushed them to the top.
Reading up on the stories of success that happen over night are fun to amuse yourself with but you have to be prepared for the consequences if your story involves plot twists.Plot twists can be good and can be seemingly bad.A plot twist I faced this year was getting into the school of my choice....but not being able to afford it.Instead of running off into a self pitying tirade, I decided to head to my local community college.
The good in my educational plot twist is now I can at least get my Associates degree at my current community college so I have something to show for my efforts pretty soon.The situation came off seemingly dim but is unexpectedly working itself out as we speak.
Whether your plot twists are good or bad, whether your success is overnight or over several years, ultimately, your drive and perception is what determines your success and nothing else.You have to see your success and keep pursuing it, that's how you get there.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Blogger Bloopers

I have committed multiple blogger bloopers in the past that made me question my whole position in this field due to the sheer amount of embarrassment, allow me to share them with you:

  1. I scheduled a blog link to be tweeted multiple times, but the tweet itself had a spelling error.Not only did I share with the world my poor spelling errors but I shared them at multiple times of the day....
  2. Accidentally double posting on the FBL Facebook page almost made me delete my FB profile altogether.My computer was having a buffering issue so I hit enter one too many times out of impatience and shared a link 4 times! I kept trying to delete but my computer was running slow and I'm sure Jess(the creator of the group) thinks I'm a spam blogger now :(
  3. Sharing the wrong picture on the wrong profile has ruined several selfie celebrations.I remember taking a cute selfie and going to post it on my personal Instagram page only to put it on my fashion blog's page.The worse part about sharing my face on my fashion blog's Instagram is that I wanted my identity to be fairly low key, and then WHAM it's selfie central.Can you say cross content contamination?
  4. I @ the wrong person on Twitter when doing a guest blog post, and had to have the awkward"sorry I wasn't talking to you" explanation.How do you explain to someone you didn't mean to be social with them on social media without sounding like a dingbat?Let me know when you find out please!

There you have it, these are my 4 blogger bloopers that I'm willing to admit have happened to me! Let me know in the comment section if you've ever faced any accidental blogging embarrassment, we can look ridiculous together, it takes the sting out.

All My Devices Need To Be Charged And I'm Okay With That

You know that moment when your cell phone,laptop,iPod or MP3 player and tablet all need to be charged at the same time and you can't use any of them.I never realized just how much panic ensues for some people when they can't get to their phone or computer in enough time.For some people their entire businesses thrive off of the internet so I can understand their anxiety,unfortunately that's not always the case for a lot of people.Some people actually face social media withdrawal.Being agitated and threatening people(and sometimes things) over a lack of WiFi is funny if you're joking-and downright disturbing if you're not.
Personally,I've gone a few days not using my phone,laptop or even my iPod simply because I felt a need to be disconnected.As a blogger you'd think I'd have a panic attack without the internet but I was perfectly okay.If I felt the need to log something I'd write it down in a notebook, and then it hit me...have notebooks become obsolete?
In my world notebooks will always have a purpose that ranks right along with important things like a roof over your head, a bed, air.I couldn't fathom the possibility that their are people out there who have forsaken the notebook.There are so many notepad apps on pretty much...everything digital, has this caused the original pencil and paper to go extinct?I admit, I use the notepad app but that's only when I don't have a notebook around.
Is my love of notebooks normal, or am I unknowingly participating in hipster-like behavior right now?Am I that out of the loop?Let me know in the comments do you still use Ye Old Notebook or am I sounding like an old-timer to you?

What Hiatus Means To Me

When I go on a hiatus it means that I'm facing a terrible case of:
  • Writer's block
  • Life is kicking my ass
  • I don't know what I'm doing anymore
  • I start to forget my blog's purpose
  • I start to forget my blog's goals
How do I get around these stifling challenges so I can get back to producing some enjoyable content that you can connect with?The best way for me to get out of hiatus hell is to interview myself. Asking questions about the root of the issue is the best way to start hacking at it, let me go get the ax(metaphorically of course).
My writer's block is a result of low self-esteem and the reason my self-esteem isn't so high is because life is kicking my ass.Life is kicking my ass because it seems everything I've attempted has failed in one way or another.From getting into schools that I wanted to go to but having to leave due to financial issues, my heart was broken, I could feel the pain hanging in my chest and legitimately had no clue what to do with it.There are many posts written about what to do when you get kicked out the school of your choice or if you don't get in at all, but no one really has tips for when you have to leave a school due to financial problems.I feel like I'm still caught up on that heart break of having to leave the school of my choice and that's because I don't know how to move on(hence all this creative and life blockage).
In the midst of trying to dig myself out of financial and school related setbacks, I forgot about my blog.I don't think a lot of people realize how hard it can be for a blogger facing a personal setback to still turn around and create content without sounding like they're looking for pity.I don't like writing sad posts they're not productive. I spent the last year and a half being miserable which is why there hasn't been as many new posts as it usually would be.
Now that I've been honest with myself and with you, what's the next step?Where do I go from here with this platform?
  • Delete it and come back when I'm in a better place?
  • Leave it up and hope someone gets something worthwhile out of it?
  • Do I accept the responsibility of a life style blogger and blog about my life whether it be ugly,pretty or a solid 5 on the hot or not scale?
I think I'm going with no.3. It would be easy for me to quit on this blog altogether, but 2 years ago I decided to dedicate a portion of my life to this little sphere and it's become my baby.I can't quit on my baby just because it's going through the terrible 2s.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

If It's Not On Instagram Did It Really Happen?

When you're a fashion blogger an active Instagram page is a critical piece of the social media promotional strategy.You post when you've written a new piece,your latest style muse, your latest outfit and last but not least your most recent purchases.I have been fairly MIA on Instagram for both my personal account and fashion blog's account. I've had plenty to share, but frankly I've been reluctant(mostly just too lazy) to share anything.It's gotten to a point where I almost felt guilty about not posting my latest makeup additions or sharing what I'm obsessed with in fashion.

Going MIA on Instagram felt like going MIA on this blog.Not posting has lead me to feel some mild guilt about not filling in my supporters and readers about the most recent tidbits of my life.I started to wonder if I'm the only one who feels guilty about not sharing events,purchases or photo ready life changes with their Instagram, and is this experience exclusive to bloggers.

What's the best way to learn about Instagram user habits.... by asking Instagram users!I'm taking to my Instagram page today and I'm going to my followers 2 simple questions:
Have you ever felt obligated to post photos on Instagram?Have you ever felt guilty about not sharing certain things on your page?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Unhealthiness of Haul Watching

I love YouTube.YouTube is where I get fashion inspiration, DIY tutorials, makeup inspo and motivational life tips and so much more.One thing I use YouTube for in particular is to watch clothing haul videos.
A clothing haul video is basically a video where a YouTuber shares what clothes they've recently bought.I find myself so heavily immersed in seeing what my favorite YouTubers have recently purchased and I started to analyze why I find so much amusement in this.There's something exciting about seeing the shopping habits of someone other than yourself.
When I watch haul videos I'm taking in what trends they've indulged in, what sales did they participate in,what store did they buy the most stuff from and why.Watching someone else shop is fun to a certain extent because it gets me thinking about what I'll be buying on my next shopping trip.I get inspired by the statement pieces others buy because it gets me thinking "if she can pull that off,why not me?".While I'm taking in all this information and inspiration during the video I have to remind myself that I have no intention of buying what they've purchased.
Yes, I have to remind myself not to shop, which brings me to the questions I have surrounding the clothing haul culture.
Do clothing hauls have an influence on your shopping habits as far as, making you shop more?I would hate to think that there are people out there who watch these haul videos and then take it upon themselves to replicate such actions. When you watch someone else do a haul video you have to acknowledge that the financial state you're in maybe different than that of the YouTuber.Your shopping experience is going to be exactly like that of the person's you just witnessed and there's nothing wrong with that, I'm just stating the reality of it all. It scares me to think there maybe someone out there neglecting where there money should be going but instead applying that money to keep up with their favorite YouTuber.
My last question is this, did our shopaholic society give birth to the haul video, or are haul videos adding fuel to the shopaholic tendencies of our society?Let me know in the comment section!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Inconsistent Lifestyle Blogger

I am an inconsistent lifestyle blogger because frankly, my life hasn't been very...consistent.What I mean by consistence is that, there aren't any blog-worthy things consistently going on therefore, I don't have anything to post, hence my absence.I mean, do you guys really want to hear about how I realized I've been taking 2 buses to school when in reality all I had to do was stay on the one?Do you really want to read about how I feel like the world shrinks in size every time I run into someone I went to high school with?Do you want to check out blog posts that are riddled with my most blunt,uncensored,unedited thoughts?Do  you want to check out my thoughts ranging from matters of fashion, my take on street harassment and why I think they need to teach a course on the systematic implication of white privilege in middle school versus waiting to learn about it in a social problems class your freshmen year of university?
Perhaps some of these things I can blog about, but I haven't because my standard for blog worthy content is fairly high.I guess it's time I start looking at what I'm willing to share and how much I share it.I can't sit around and wait for awesomeness to happen for me to blog about it, I have to be the awesomeness.Now that I've made my declaration to stop my inconsistency be prepared for some of the most random content you've ever witnessed to hit this blog! 

Monday, September 1, 2014

The Hellish Truth About My Writer's Block

I need to write something.Anything.All my thoughts and ideas appeared to be hiding from me in the darkness of my writing insecurities.I've been so frustrated with my writer's block I could scream.

  Once upon a time ideas used to flow within me like a river of melted gold.Heavy in presence and rich in content,my ideas were hearty and loved.But life shook me up, made me impatient for change,made me angry,made me bitter,made me hate myself for not being better,made me feel little,made me question myself.

    I've allowed the wrong voices to influence me in my time of struggle.Those negative voices were just so loud and their logic seemed flawless at the time.The second a hole emerged in my self-esteem every self depreciating comment showed up to falsely patch the crater, when in reality it wasn't a bandage it was a virus.I've been sick in silence for far too long.I was looking for a cure in all the wrong places while sitting in a stagnant state of illness, enough is enough.I made myself sit down and write this blog post as means to get out my frustration amd have found my cure,writing.

Writing out all my frustrations,fears and needs for better have helped me clear my mind.So why did it take me so long for me to write this,if this is what it took to clear up my sight?The hesitation of self doubt left me paralyzed but I pushed that out of the way and simply wrote what comes natural to me.

I've come to the conclusion that my setbacks weren't a result of me being inferior.Setbacks happen because it's apart of life and how you handle them defines who you are.Some of the most successful people have faced what I'm facing now and faced even worse.I'm taking my setbacks in stride and I'm going to work as hard as possible because I'm strong enough to do so!Just because life gets hard,it doesn't mean I have to turn into stone.I can't let one event change my passion and distort my heart forever especially since this is simply a phase that change in an instance.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


(photos taken with my laptop's webcam)
The love I have for this bracelet is infinite.The bright colored stones and the metallic hue of the bracelet has stolen my heart.The second I realized the bracelet had a chain attached to it that leads up the length of my hand and is attached to this bright ring..that's when I knew I would belong to this piece forever.I bought this bracelet at this little costume jewelry/legging/cheap jewelry store at this strip mall.Can you believe this gorgeous thing only cost me 10 dollars?!
I practically squealed in front of the cashier and once I noticed the price I immediately abandoned my shopping ban.
Have you ever witnessed a fashionable piece that left you amazed?Tell me about the last time you saw something in the store that made you gasp,squeal and or shimmy in happiness!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

OOTD+Blogging Via Tablet?

  Today's outfit of the day is the first time I debut these beloved leggings!Palm tree print was an obsession of mine and I'm so excited to share these palm tree adorned leggings with you.The leggings are from BooHoo I got them on clearance for like 7 or 8 dollars with free shipping *does harlem shake*.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Personal Style Essentials:The Striped Dress

   Everyone has that one piece of clothing they consider a mandatory piece, such as a white t-shirt,dark denim skinnies, etc.What a lot of people don't know is that everyone has different essentials to their closet.What one person considers a necessity may be completely ignored by another.After looking through my wardrobe I've discovered my own personal style essentials.Allow me to introduce you to what I consider a style essential: the black and white stripe dress.
     The black and white striped dress is oozing with versatility.I came up with three different looks featuring this dress with ease!The white and black dress comes from Forever21,I was inspired to get it after seeing Janelle Monae's Q.U.E.E.N. music video.

   The first look focuses on the monochrome appeal as I pair it with this black and white color block varsity jacket.Playing with texture and print becomes the main concentration.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The T-Shirt Dress 2 Ways

I've been in brainstorm mood over this t-shirt dress.Typically when I wear this t-shirt dress it's with my light wash jeans, like in this previous post. I've been dying to switch up this outfit.I decided to remix the shirt by switching up the bottoms and some of the accessories.

I decided to pair the shirt with my dark green, black speckled jeans and this crossbody bag.I think the color of the pants makes this floral number look tough.

In this look I wanted it to look more polished so I added this skinny black belt to cinch in my waist somewhat.This interpretation is a lot more feminine as I concentrate more on building a silhouette.
I hope this post inspired you to look ar your clothing from another perspective and explore your style options.Don't become stagnant with your closet.Dare to switch up the old with the new and see what your experimentation gives birth to!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

End of Summer,Skater Skirt LookBook!

    I had a fear and love of short skirts this Summer.I loved the feminity of a frilly skater skirt, but that love was stifled by my fear of accidentally mooning someone.The simplicity of the skater skirt was enchanting to me, so I bought 1...then another....then another and I'm eye-balling another one right now.There I was with all these skater skirts that would never make it out to the public.
   Fear and fashion don't mix.I decided to take a step towards getting over my fear of short skirts by doing and entire lookbook dedicated to them!I did three looks featuring an edgy cool appeal,a sports luxe inspired outfit and a super feminine color fused look below.All three skirts were on clearance at Wetseal.

The first look is all about minimlism.We've got a simple color scheme of black,white and grey.We're going to let the textures of this look do the work mixing this faux leather jacket and grey cotton skirt.

The second look features my favorite varsity jacket inspired sweater.I like the idea of blending the chunkiness of the sweater and the wide shape of the skirt compete with each other.

The third look screams Summer time!The daisy print skirt took over this Summer, why not add a fun neon crossbody bag to play on the yellow in the skirt.

I figure if I can post these looks for the internet to see, then it shouldn't be a problem for me to wear them outside.Which look would you wear?
If you're like me and have a lot of love for the skater skirt feel free to check out the tribute tag(that I recently created), on my fashion blog The SHTE Daily, here

It Took Me 20 Years

Heels via Rainbow, Pants and shirt via Sears

I turned 20 yesterday and although I had a lot of fun my birthday was bittersweet.I enjoyed my birthday but on the edges of my mind lied trouble.I thought I'd have more to my life by the age of 20.I'm supposed to have more friends,more experiences,more independence,more....everything.I expected more out of life after 20 years and it also made me realize time truly is flying by.

I began to panic and doubt myself immediately after celebrating my birthday.I was thinking to myself, "I'm not doing enough,I haven't achieved enougn,I keep making crap decisions".Then I realized what the real issue is.

I spend so much time living inside of my head rethinking everything that I haven't taken enough action and I've stunted myself out of fear of things going wrong.I've come to the conclusion that the reason I haven't done much(or am afraid to do much), is because I can't control the outcome.

I have to relinquish my desire to control the outcomes of life and simply trust I have what it takes to handle any and all consequences.Life is about taking chances and being an adult is about being responsible and confident in handling the outcomes,no matter what they maybe.

When I think of adulthood and no longer being teenaged, I always imagine people who have everything figured out.The reality is NO ONE has anything figured out.We're on a planet populated by a bunch of people pursuing their goals,making plans and in the mean time, winging it the best way they can.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Do More of What Makes You Happy

My t-shirt features my best friend(in my head),Iron Man.I got it for like 5 dollars online from Wetseal.

I truly understand now why it's so important to do the things that make you happy whenever you can.Summer went by soo fast, and you know what I spent it doing...working :(
I spent my Summer doing nothing but work and putting off this blog,putting off my writing,and YouTube channel simply because those things lost value in comparison to making money.

Just because those extracurricular activities don't make money doesn't mean I should of quit doing them.I've been miserable without a creative outlet.I need to specifically make time for my creative outlets and stick to them like I stick to my work schedule,because this is certainly unhealthy.
I am officially making my creative outlets a PRIORITY.

Thursday, August 7, 2014


    There's nothing like a monochromatic look with a splash of color to simplify the outfit picking process.Below, I'm sharing where I've been and why my posting has been so...sporadic.
Pants-Rainbow Shops
Bag-A local shop,I desperately need to get back to

         I haven't been blogging because I've been so stuck in my head the last few months.I let my circumstances define me,control me and it left me feeling like I lost my voice.  I felt stagnant and as if this position I have in life was going to last forever(especially with my birthday approaching,I'll be 20).
   I had an epiphany earlier this morning and was inspired to share. It would not be fair to myself, to simply allow one uncomfortable stage in my life to determine all of who I am as a person.I'm not going to let only one stage of my life define me, defining who I am is my responsibility.Deciding and determing who I am is a job only I can do, not my job,not my school, not my peers, not my friends,not even my family.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Comfortable Collabo and the #OOTD

     Hi, my name is Dinesha Johnson and I suffer from procrastination...but you already knew that didn't you.Now that I'm done procrastinating I have three looks from 3 very different occassions to share with you.*Disclaimer*I'm currently working via tablet hence the photo quality, but I tried to serve nonetheless.
      Each of these looks have a running theme of comfort and still maintaining an extra oomph factor to show some personality.I'm a firm believer that you can be comfortable and cute.I think it's sad so many people think cute means struggling with ill fitted fabric and too tight shoes, when its quite the contrary.If you feel uncomfortable 9 times out of 10 YOU LOOK UNCOMFORTABLE, and that is certainly not cute.
  These 3 looks were very comfy and still allowed me to express my personal style below:
Black t-shirt via Wetseal and skirt via(can't remember)
I wore this look when I went shopping and made a discovery, the maxi skirt is a gift from the fashiom Gods.The maxi skirt is the easiest way to make people believe you put in effort on your outfit when you really didn't and that is why they are  a gift to be cherished.
Vest via Wetseal, Jogger pants via Rainbow Shops online store
These fitted jogging pants are amazing.I can easily apply jewelry and and layers to upgrade the look of these other wise simple pants.
Vest via Kohl's,Shirt via Forever21
This faux leather vest is my ride or die.This faux leather vest has never let me down, it's an easy dose of edginess.I love mixing tough elements with floral print, the contrast is always entertaining.
Each of these looks feature a piece of clothing that is quickly becoming a beloved piece and I'm happy I'm building a wardrobe that specifically fits my taste.
Let me know what's your favorite piece in your closet and why in the comments!

The Held Back Blogger

        How many times have you heard this  "if I had a better camera my blog would be doing better", or "people would take me serious as a blogger if I had higher quality photos", and "my blog isn't that good because my pictures aren't"?Some of these phrases have been uttered, tweeted or Facebook'ed by bloggers who feel something is holding them back, specifically their photo quality.
     I admit, there are photos I have saved away that I haven't shared because I don't like their quality.In fact, I used my camera as the reason I went on hiatus and considered not coming back at all. You might be thinking to shut a blog down over picture quality when the pictures are only a third of the blog's concentration, is extreme. At the time I was fixated on better quality photos, I needed Pinterest worthy photos stat!
      The bottomline is we're allowed to determine the quality and standards we want for our blogs'. In addition to establishing specific standards(because everyone has different interpretations of a proper blog) we must be reminded not to be so hard on ourselves, not to compare our blogs' to others, and not to be so fixated on our blogs' weaknesses.Ultimately, in my camera quality obsession I was neglecting other things that are important to my aesthetic as a blogger, such as building new ideas, networking and brainstorming fresh topics to tackle.
       Photo quality is important but I don't have the cash for a hign definition camera right now, does that mean I should quit blogging altogether? No. If I can't change the status of my blog's weakness then I will build on my blogger strengths until I'm in the position to tackle my blogger weakness in this case my lack of a high definition camera.
    Think about a blog weakness you have and think about what you can do to change it and if it can't be changed get creative and use it to your advantage. For example if you have layout design challenges use it as an opportunity to network with some graphic savvy bloggers.You can share your blog challenges and connect with other bloggers who relate and make it a group learning experience.
      Ultimately don't allow anything to hold you back whether in the blogger world or in life in general. Where there's a will there's a way, and as long as you have the will to reach your goals, you will find a way or the way will find you.Nothing will stand in your way as long as you stay positive, patient, consistent and never give up!

Friday, July 4, 2014

I Created A Tag

     Today,we are going to discuss beauty and style vices, first let me explain what a vice is. A vice is a weakness,something that makes you forget your moral compass in this case, instead of forgetting your morals,in this case instead of forgetting your morals you forgot the spending ban you put on yourself in the beginning of the month. 
   My beauty and fashion vices are simple really.I go weak in the knees for lipstick and I can't get enough dresses or black t-shirts.As far as jewelry goes, statement costume rings mean the world to me!
  You might be wondering "who cares about your style and beauty vices,what does any of this matter?"Your beauty and style vices, believe it or not say a lot about you.
   I associate wild rings with fantasy.Every time I find a ring you don't see everyday,I'm reminded of movies like Treasure Planet or that scene in Aladdin where Aladdin first finds the lamp among all of the gold coins and jewels.Costume jewelry brings me to a place of fantasy from my childhood.
   The next time you find yourself in indulging in one of your vices,ask yourself why?Why is this one thing my weakness,what about this particular item makes it the exception and makes me love it so much?
    Doing this post was a lot if fun so I decided to make this the Beauty and Style Vice tag.The questions are below,let me know if you do the tag in the comments or @ me on Twitter.

1. What makeup makes you weak in the knees?
2. What's one piece of clothing you can't help but buy?
3. What's one piece of jewelry you always end up purchasing?
4. Think of your favorite makeup or fashion item,what's the 1st thing you associate it with?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Blogger And The Booty

       I've been buying print leggings like mad.I'm really excited to wear my leggings out but there was something standing in my way. I've always preferred to wear a shirt long enough to cover my boot when wearing leggings outside, for fear that I've got a bit too much junk in my trunk.
       I usually have a few neutral colored tunics or shirts that come right over my butt but in a recent spring cleaning expedition, those have been dismissed.The solution is simple really, all I have to do is buy some more shirts to hide my butt when I wear leggings!
        After looking online and in stores, I started thinking more about the things I use as my personal style crutch to stay within my comfort zone.Just like how I prefer to hide my butt when I wear leggings, I've forbidden myself from wearing skater skirts(even though I adore them on other people of all shapes and sizes).
        I could admire(and have) admired many other bloggers who wear elaborately printed leggings, and sport the shortest of skater skirts and will root them on.I've preached many times about how horrible body shaming is and that we all need to embrace our unique temples and adorn them the way we want.I was being a hypocrate.
        How I could shout about healthy body image and the horror that is body shaming and here I was being ashamed of my own ass, even going as far as forbidding a piece of clothing I actually really like from myself. So, I decided the next time I decide to wear my leggings, when I put on a shirt to cover my butt it's out of comfort not as a shaming practice.I decided to go skater skirt shopping as well,because my body is not some dirty little secret to hide but a physical manifestation of who I am.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Blog, My Business, My Helping Hand

       Blogging is all about the freedom to create content on your own terms for the internet to see(or not to see, you can blog privately). With the freedom of blogging comes choices, such as keeping your blog as a hobby or turning it into a business. I've always had a vision of monetizing my blog and working with brands as I establish my own.
     Now, during this vision for monetization I created a plan to set up a contact page, look into business cards and keep a list of magazines and companies I want to align my brand with on hand. In the midst of all this planning I forgot that my platform could be used to make a positive difference, thankfully I received an email to remind me.
      I was messaged recently to let all of you gorgeous readers in on a contest that is built to help military members win a new home! The email entailed "HomeFirst is holding a Military Family Home Giveaway contest to win a home from one of two communities: Riverbrook (located in New Haven, MI) and Springrove (located in Holly, MI). Any Military member, Veteran, or immediate family member of either is eligible to enter, and entrants are asked to include a letter sharing their story. The deadline for the contest is September 30, 2014 at 5:00pm EST.
More details can be found at:"
   I'm currently building a sidebar widget that will be clickable to the contest link. I definitely support this contest, helping a member of the military gain a new home is the least we can do for the people who give their all for our safety on an everyday basis.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Why and What

      Why Did I Stop Blogging?
 1. I've been working like a mad woman.
2. I've been waiting until I have enough cash for a DSLR camera( I'm sick of my own low quality pictures).
3. My motivation for creative projects has been DEAD.
4. My laptop has been dead.
   Why Am I Back?

       Now that I look at the list, I realize I can navigate around some of these issues. Besides, I need a creative outlet again.Lately it feels like my imagination and creativity is slipping through my fingers, fading and thinning out like smoke. I realized during my hiatus that if I don't have a creative outlet of some kind, I become a different person. Without creativity, I become frustrated, easily annoyed and pessimistic.
  It seems like every time I'm prepared to walk away from blogging something brings me back! Now that I've explained where I've been and why I'm back allow me to share with you what I plan to do.
  What Do I Plan On Doing?
       I plan on getting back to the basics of blogging and going with my gut about content creation. Often when I'm trying to create a post, I overthink it, get stressed out and put off the post so long I inadvertently go into hiatus. For now on, I'm going to create posts with my own natural flair. Speaking of creating posts, how does posting 5 days a week sound for an awesome new schedule?!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rest in Paradise Dr. Maya Angelou

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."- Dr. Maya Angelou

Dr. Maya Angelou had a very full life, that will go one with her words and the lives she's touched.I admire Dr. Maya Angelou for taking her life experiences and using them as tools to cultivate strength and wisdom. Dr. Maya Angelou shared her life through her creations thus implanting the seeds of her knowledge, love and wisdom to go on for a eternity for those who seek it.Thank you Dr. Angelou for sharing your story with us all.