Thursday, January 30, 2014

Getting Inspired

     You will never find inspiration if you're waiting for it to find you, trust me I know. Lately I've been somewhat uninspired. I haven't been posting to as consistently, I haven't been searching for blogger collabos and writing opportunities like I used to because I was uninspired.
    Every time I even looked at the computer I was filled with dread. I was facing "typist's block".
The only way for me to get out of this uninspired funk was to force myself to get inspired.I forced myself to brainstorm. I forced myself to get reacquainted with my predetermined goals and missions.I forced myself to enjoy the work.Before I knew it I was back in the groove of writing blog posts, brainstorming blogger collabos and creating projects(which I'm currently doing).
The moral of the story kids is that no one said staying in a constant state of inspiration was going to be easy or even fun-but it will be necessary.
With all of that being said I decided to put myself on yet another writing challenge.I will be spending February writing short poetry, you're probably thinking "how is that a challenge?". I noticed a lot of my poetry can be somewhat long, so I want to focus on putting a lot in a little by writing poems that consist of 6 lines at the most, hence the poem above.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Profound Profanity

Profanity has taken place in my latest video, so if you find cursing offensive I strongly advise you run away from this page.If you're like me and you don't mind a bit of cursing this video is for you! Be one of the first to check out my video below!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Winning The Beginning

Start the week off fresh.Take a deep breath and affirm the power you wield(also check out some of the quotes and looks below!).


    Inspired Monday

    Inspired Yet?

    A few success stories: 

  •      Sidney Portier was told on his first audition to "go be a dishwasher or something" and to stop wasting everyone's time, he went on to be one of the most amazing actors-EVER.
  •       James Ward was homeless since the age of 14 with his mother and 2 younger siblings. Although he faced the struggle of homelessness and being in 3 different schools in the last 4 years, Ward managed to graduate from high school and maintained high grades. Ward had developed a plan to attend college, but 3 weeks before he planned to leave for Howard University his Parent PLUS loans were declined due to his family's poverty and homelessness. Even with this setback Ward's college pursuits were far from over.Jessica Sutherland a producer( who was also raised homeless) volunteered at Union Rescue Mission and decided she would help Ward get to college.She started with a Tumblr page explaining Ward's story and a Paypal link on the side for donations, the campaign Homeless to Howard had kicked off.Ward raised enough money to cover all 4 years of his college education and is currently on his way to success.
  • John Paul DeJoria lived in his car before John Paul Mitchell Systems took off.
  • Liz Murray was born to drug addicted HIV positive parents, she decided to live on her own at the age of 15 in New York.Murray devoted her self to earning a college degree and earned a New York Times scholarship to Harvard Liz Murray is currently a best selling author of novels like, Now Breaking Night: A Memoir of Forgiveness, Survival and My Journey from Homeless to Harvard

Sunday, January 26, 2014

I Left You In Stitches

It has been months since the last time I did an outfit post and frankly I don't have an excuse.I suppose I stopped doing outfit of the day posts because of school and the fact that I wanted to transition my niche into personal style and poetry.In addition part of the reason I stopped doing outfit posts is because my outfits weren't all that creative anymore.
You guys know me well enough by now that if I do repeat a certain item I will remix it until it's blog post worthy right? Well if you didn't now you know, and my outfits just weren't up to par with what I like to do.I stopped sharing my looks because I wasn't dressing with passion.There was no excitement to picking out clothes anymore,this isn't to say I took up a uniform of sweatpants but my brief depression was affecting my interest in clothing.I had a "who really cares what I look like" approach to getting dressed and just didn't feel good in anything.I never thought my life circumstances would effect my self-esteem in such a manner but I'm happy I can now recognize it and fix it.
I decided I'm going to put that passion back into everything I do from picking out clothing,writing, and in this blog.I know these pictures look a bit blurry but if it helps, I can tell you I felt good!

Sweater from Forever21
Pants from Sears
Hair from my Mama
Smile from my Dad

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Social Media Popularity

I decided to discuss an aspect of popularity on social media(I mean popularity in the media not the cool kids that had the best table during lunch).I admit when I first started getting involved on social media it was solely with the purpose to share my blog.Why did I want to share my blog with the masses,you might ask?I believe I have something worth sharing, and who knows my content could be inspiring someone right now as we speak, just like I've been inspired by others.Social media numbers didn't really matter much as long it meant my message and creations were getting out there.I carry a nonchalant attitude towards social media numbers like how many likes on Instagram or how many followers I have on Twitter.
         I don't care if I necessarily become popular-but I do care about giving back to that cycle of inspiration that keeps creativity alive in our fast paced culture. In my process of wanting to create and inspire I was rocked with a question, does sharing your content successfully and gaining popularity go hand in hand?
For a very long time I hissed at the idea of popularity, I'm a quality over quantity type of person(you can read about that here ). Every time the topic of social media numbers pops up, I was always the first one to zone out. I don't care how many followers I have, that is if I gain any at all, but perhaps I should care- at least a little.Being aware of where I stand as far as my audience goes is beneficial so I know how to better share what I create.Besides there's no denying the power in a larger influence.
There is power in having a popular influence numbers can be wielded for some very worthy causes.With enough popularity you can successfully promote charities, worth while causes and projects built on positivity. Popularity isn't evil, but how people use it and approach it can be.When you worship popularity instead of molding it to send a positive influence that's a waste of time and energy. What do you think, is popularity used for more good or bad and what does that say about what we're drawn to as people?

Monday, January 20, 2014

It's Monday and Anything Can Happen

I know what you're thinking, why in the devil is she excited about Monday?I admit I was one of those people who hated and I mean HATED Monday, but I asked myself why?Why do I hate the beginning of the week?Are my weeks so bad that I've grown accustomed to something crap like happening, so I hate when they start all over again?I don't want to approach my week with an attitude problem, I want to be excited!

Am I the only one who's really sat down and recognized that anything can happen, at any time. As long you're active or working on something there is always the possibility of infinite possibilities.Sometimes I think of  rags to riches stories for inspiration and I know not everyone shares the same fate as though stories but that doesn't mean it can't happen at all, just because the chances are low.Sometimes I wake up and think "what if some business person witnesses my spoken word videos and wants to invest in me and puts backing into the book I'm writing?", or "what if today is the day I finally get out of my current writer's block?".The term "what if" doesn't have to be a source of negative outcome, it's a source of any outcome, that can happen any day and that includes Monday.With that being said, I decided to share a bit of style inspiration and a little success inspiration to get you moving. 
Style Inspired

Style Inspired 2

Style Inspired 3

  • Harland David Sanders, the famous KFC Colonel, couldn't get his chicken to sell. The Colonel was rejected more than 1000 times, but then 1 did and well we know how that went.
  • Steven Spielberg was rejected from his university of choice( University of Southern California) 3 times, he looked for an education else where eventually dropped out and became the director we all know now.
  • Chris Gardner grew up with an abusive stepfather, the abuse became too much for him so he ran off to the Navy and later became a medical supplies salesman. He became inspired to become a stock broker after witnessing one in a Ferrari, his job also at the time was no longer paying enough to support his family. His struggle to stock broker success left him homeless sleeping in a subway station bathroom. Gardner documented his struggle in his memoirs, which became a hit movie- The Pursuit of Happiness.
  • Dr Seuss' first book was rejected by 27 different publishers, and he's now the most popular children's book author ever.
  • Ursula Burns grew up in Manhattan's Lower East side in a housing project. Her mother, a Panamanian-immigrant single mother ran a daycare center at home and ironed shirts for a fee, so she could send Burns to Cathedral High School. Burns went on to gain a mechanical engineering degree at NYU, she went on to become an intern at  Xerox  and is now the first African-American woman to ever lead a Fortune 500 Company and the 14th most powerful woman in the world.
Information found via : 

    I really hope this helps you stay encouraged during your Monday grind because I know it helps me.Sitting down the Sunday before and creating a post like this helps me get ready to take on the monster that Monday is like my own form of meditation.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Approval Addict

Here's my latest spoken word video that I promised!It's all about seeking and loving approval to an unhealthy level.  

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Edit Thy Self

It was brought to my attention on my Facebook page that although my spoken word starts on topic sometimes it goes off  and ends up in a different direction.I'm going to start working on maintaining more focus on my exact topic a lot more.I'll have a new spoken word video done tomorrow and lets hope this realization improves my performance in my videos.
Today's video is about the strong black woman.
It was brought to my attention that the phrase "strong black woman", has been a source of mockery.You'd here people say in their best "sassy black woman" voice say, "I'm a strong black woman" and with a flick of their neck they start laughing.Although there is more to the black woman than just her strength that doesn't mean you mock get to mock it.
 I think it's disgusting to mock black women, whether "it's just a joke" or not.The term "strong black woman" began because it comes from a place where black women had no other choice but being strong.Hopefully this video better explains my frustration and helps people acknowledge how harmful mocking someone's experience is.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Brief Haul

Here's another very small haul from Forever21(yea I think I might have a problem).
I have given so much money to Forever21 only to find out I've been deceived by them for quite some time.. did you know they aren't even 21.Forever21 is about 29 years old(oh the deception).Besides being deceived by the store's age, I will say that although Forever21 will always have a small spot in my heart I need to branch out as far as stores.I need a new place to shop so I tried out BooHoo! is pretty awesome so far, free shipping to the US and the clothing is at pretty reasonable prices.I purchased to print midi skirts and they are of very good quality(and are quite cute).

I am so drawn to skater dresses and midi skirts it's ridiculous.I want to develop a much more feminine and yet edgy style which means adding a lot more spikes,studs and texture.As I've gotten older I realize that feminine clothing is a lot more than gentle textures and soft colors, there's strength in femininity that I really want to explore and experiment with this year.The year is still relatively fresh, what direction are you going in with your style?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Glorified Insecurity


       Humans are insecure beings, it's natural.The solution is learning to live your life and not allowing insecurity to control it.The vulnerability will always be there but it doesn't have to dictate you.Unfortunately our media in its attempt to normalize the act of being insecure, has taken it and associated it with a trait of sweetness,purity and essentially glorifying it.
     Glorifying the act of being insecure in our society needs to cease.You see it all the time in the media where insecurity is considered a trait of  sweet heart characters, that are unaware of how lovely they are thus making them more lovely.I saw a picture on Facebook that states "the prettiest girls are the girls who don't know they're pretty", so if I'm confident in myself that makes me ugly or less attractive? Bullshit.
         Insecurity is not the magic word for beauty, but I can tell you what it is-exhausting.Insecurities make you unsure about yourself and in a constant subconscious(or conscious) state of looking for approval from whoever will give it to you.Being insecure keeps you up at night, you're constantly feeling defeated and being tossed and turned between one person's opinion on you and another.You can't rely on how others see you forever.Besides, not every person you meet will see your insecurity and approach it with kindness, some people will take advantage of it and thrive off of it. 
        I've been insecure and it hurts a lot, which is why I find it infuriating when people are seemingly mocking a serious problem.There are people who suffer from this issue and yet there are individuals who fake being uncomfortable with themselves because the media has painted these broken characters into a pretty picture.The bottom line is that being insecure(or faking it) will not make you more beautiful, how you see yourself determines your beauty.Stop trying to figure out ways to be beautiful and just be, it really is that simple.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Other Kinds of Insecurity


      Often self-esteem and insecurities are associated with a lack of confidence in one's appearance, but what happens when it's a lack of confidence in one's self?It took me a long time before I realized I had low self-esteem because if you asked me "hey do you have low self-esteem?", I'd quickly reply "naw bro, my black is beautiful".Although my black is indeed beautiful, there are other things I was severely insecure about and it was hurting me a lot more than I thought was possible.
      I remember lying in bed thinking "why even get up, what do you have to do that is so important, oh yea-nothing, because that's what you are nothing".After one harmful thought comes, another one shows up, and another, and before I knew it I was sobbing, curled into a ball cursing my very existence.For what, why was I hating myself so much?Why was I viciously attacking myself?
    I figured out that I was putting my self worth in the wrong things, and looking for approval in the wrong things as well..If I wasn't overachieving in school or received the job I wanted that broke me to the core.You can't give school and a job the right to determine how worthy of a person you are, if a person gets a job and then is let go that doesn't mean they're a loser for the rest of their lives, it just means they were let go.Ultimately, self-esteem and gaining security within yourself is all in the mind not in things.
    I made the decision to define who I am and to value my own opinion of myself because I'm worth it.No more self destructive thoughts, they help nothing.No one ever became successful through self hate and being overtly critical.If you can't manage to see the good in you, then I want to remind you that your friends and family see how perfect you are all the time and if you lack friends and family then I'm personally letting you know, I see the perfection lying inside of you, but it's up to you to embrace it.

Friday, January 10, 2014

A Week of Dreaming

    It feels like I've spent this whole week determining my reality from a daydreamer, hence why all the posts are dream oriented.So far I've been decently consistent with creating spoken word videos but it's time I branched into more topics, right?I'm sitting to myself as we speak with a notebook trying to think of subjects I'm passionate enough about to speak on.I've been brainstorming enough for 3 hurricanes!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

I Can

        Before 2013 I never noticed how much I say "I can't", until I realized I had to stop underestimating my own will to get things done.In high school there were certain things I was interested in.Theatre, cheerleading, joining more clubs but something in me said "I can't". I don't know if it's because I was slightly timid, or because the root of insecurity hadn't been pulled out yet, but "I can't" was one of my favorite phrases.
      In 2013 the phrase "I can't" turned into "I have to", and now it's currently "I did".I said I can't rely on public transportation to get to school, I have and I did. I said I can't walk a mile and a half to get to my class on time, I have and I did.I said I can't transfer to a new university, I have and I did.There were multiple other issues that sprouted during 2013 that I didn't think I could muscle but I did it, perhaps 2013 happened the way it did to eradicate the term I can't from my tongue.Maybe I had to put "I can't" to death so "I can" could grow in it's place. I've been exercising the word I can a lot more, and it feels good to affirm myself and my abilities.I can't always control the situation I'm facing but I can control I how react to it, and by affirming the power I hold within myself, that's reassurance enough that I can do anything.
With all of that being said(or typed), I want everyone to start using the words "I can" a lot more and to stop underestimating yourself. You are so much stronger than you think, do not be afraid of your greatness.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Don't S*** On The Daydreamer

 Hello internet people and beloved lurkers, today I decided to share with you a new activity I've been indulging in.Daydreaming. I know what you're thinking "what's the point of a daydream, if you don't have a plan to act out the dream"? I consider daydreaming to be like a life path draft(I just came up with that).A life path draft is just the draft to a path your life could take, it's not all neat and edited but that's a draft for ya! Then if you focus on it enough sometimes the draft can be revised and become a reality.I start off the life path draft with simply In A Dream World.... and let my subconscious desires and wants take over.

In A Dream World.... I get a degree in English and become a famous spoken word artist.  In a dream world I use my experience and fan base with spoken word as the platform that lifts me into becoming a lyricist.In a dream world I work with some of my favorite music artists.In a dream world I write the lyrics to some Grammy award winning songs!In a dream world, I write 5 award winning poetry novels and have a story to contribute and share with young people who faced financial struggle like I have. In a dream world I become an inspiration for putting my heart into my craft.

My daydream doesn't directly align with what I'm actually doing. Some people would consider the difference in my dream path and actual path a cop out, but it's not.A cop out would be banning the act of day dreaming. A cop out would be shaming the daydream. A cop out would be turning myself completely off from the idea of daydreaming altogether.Through this process of daydreaming, I suppose it's a manner of keeping hope alive.Although I'm walking down another path that doesn't mean I don't reserve the right to my other visions. My current path could merely be a manner of time until I'm finally given the opportunity to step into my true desires, but what happens when you're finally  given the opportunity, but can't remember what you wanted to do?So daydreaming is merely the exercise of memory and to let your imagination take you places you may very well go someday. In short- don't shit on the daydreamer. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

2013 Was Just Rude

       Hello gorgeous guys and gals, I decided to ring in the new year with a spoken word video and wanted to share it here.As far as my poetry goes right now I've been focusing on watermarking my creations and letting it known I'm the face behind the words.Speaking of the person behind the poetry, I find myself slightly stuck. I want my poetry to be optimistic but the second I start trying to create something my heart leads me else where.
   I guess the block that's keeping me from exploring more optimistic poetry is because I'm holding onto some not so optimistic things. 2013 really knocked me down and I struggled to get back up.I have enough will to create some semi-positive creations but nothing with that oomph I know and love.I can't put that extra passion back into my poetry until I finally decide whether 2013 made me stronger or weaker, but until then check out my spoken word on some other topics I've been thinking of writing on!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

My Earrings Hang Like Chandeliers

    I felt  my poem above was befitting of this style post today! I decided I want to transition into bigger, bolder earrings.Small earrings have their charm and pack subtle punches but keeping a balance of the latter is great when you like versatility.Some large and in charge earrings can't hurt :).  
    The white earrings and the square gold pair below are bought from a personal shopper, the moon earrings are from a local beauty shop, the gold lightening bolts,arrows and daggers are from  Forever21.Speaking(err typing?) of Forever21, make sure you check me out on instagram to see my most recent Forever21 haul!My instagram is As for the rest of the earrings, the shiny white pair are from Wetseal and the faux gauges are from Hot Topic.
You can tell from the range of shops I list, I do not discriminate on where I get my jewelry.If the jewelry is cute and I want it, I buy it.I feel bad for fashion snobs.Some of the greatest, stand out piece could be out there but because of a sense of elitism, they'll never see it.

          I think it goes without saying my love for statement jewelry isn't going anywhere any time soon.Are you into big jewelry?I know many people avoid large earrings for fear of gaudy-ness(that might not be a word), but I'm at a point in my life where I can't be afraid of that and can only go with what feels right.Let me know about a few recent purchases you've made, better yet feel free to link em below if you made a post on it!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Day 10 of the Poetry Challenge!

    This poem is why self love is so critical.Developing and allowing self love to grow and take root is one of the best decisions a person can make.If you can't find love anywhere you can always find it within you.
   By the way this is the last day of the poetry challenge. I really loved doing this challenge and sharing my passion with you.I'll be sharing a lot more of my poetry continuously and I felt this challenge was a great way to introduce it.Get ready for some style(and maybe spoken word) tomorrow!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Day 9 of the Poetry Challenge

The term "winning" became wildly used because of the famous Charlie Sheen. I'd like to put my own little spin on the word winning, and share what winning means to me with you incredible individuals!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 8 of the Poetry Challenge

     Hello beautiful people!I hope you're doing well in 2014 and I'm definitely looking forward to a fresh start for new projects, achieving goals and all that good stuff.Today's poem is simply taking the time to acknowledge one of the oldest,wisest mediation practices and that is merely-patience.
     So many of us don't acknowledge the gift that is patience and I decided to give it a spotlight today! By the way get ready for some more style oriented posts in the coming weeks. I have not forgotten about the personal style to this personal style and poetry blog, just sit tight.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


        Happy New Year guys! You might be wondering why I didn't do an outfit of the day roundup or a "blog in  review" post this year like I did last year. I decided I wanted to bring in the new year with my poetry. Deejay Speaks has clearly taken on some gradual new rebranding as far as content, so what better way to embrace the new year than with new content!
  I hope you guys are enjoying this poetry challenge. 
I want to take a moment and tell you guys once again how much I appreciate the loyal readers who have been there for this blog. I know it can be a bit much for readers who get used to one kind of content and then it switches and adds on new topics.I want to greet this new content with optimism and excitement. Change doesn't have to be a bad thing and this addition of my poetry is merely a change I needed to make for my personal growth.
I don't think anyone understands quite what it's like when you literally put yourself into a project and then are asked to share it. In the words of Erykah Badu`, "I'm an artist, and I'm sensitive about my shit", this is so incredibly true.
    Putting my art work on this platform is forcing me to see my creations through your eyes and how others are perceiving it.I'm growing in terms of being fearless with my writing.Thank you for standing by me in my time of growth. I also wanted to add I achieved my goal of 10 guest posts, you can see it in the newly added features page!
Here's the poem for day 7 of the poetry challenge