Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Brief Haul

Here's another very small haul from Forever21(yea I think I might have a problem).
I have given so much money to Forever21 only to find out I've been deceived by them for quite some time.. did you know they aren't even 21.Forever21 is about 29 years old(oh the deception).Besides being deceived by the store's age, I will say that although Forever21 will always have a small spot in my heart I need to branch out as far as stores.I need a new place to shop so I tried out BooHoo! is pretty awesome so far, free shipping to the US and the clothing is at pretty reasonable prices.I purchased to print midi skirts and they are of very good quality(and are quite cute).

I am so drawn to skater dresses and midi skirts it's ridiculous.I want to develop a much more feminine and yet edgy style which means adding a lot more spikes,studs and texture.As I've gotten older I realize that feminine clothing is a lot more than gentle textures and soft colors, there's strength in femininity that I really want to explore and experiment with this year.The year is still relatively fresh, what direction are you going in with your style?


  1. gorgeous skirt :)

  2. you have some nice pieces from forever 21. I just made a few purchases myself, thank you for sharing!
    Crystal Michelle

  3. thank you and I'll take a look at your purchases too

  4. haha its funny knowing how old they are... anyway i need to shop elsewhere too, not always F21 haha

    xo, Carla

  5. lol I'm definitely looking into some other shops

  6. I am loving everything you got! Omg I hope they will open a store in Africa someday, especially in my country!

  7. Forever21 is blowing up and is continuing to do so, I wouldn't be surprised if they start setting up out there soon enough and thank you!