Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Don't S*** On The Daydreamer

 Hello internet people and beloved lurkers, today I decided to share with you a new activity I've been indulging in.Daydreaming. I know what you're thinking "what's the point of a daydream, if you don't have a plan to act out the dream"? I consider daydreaming to be like a life path draft(I just came up with that).A life path draft is just the draft to a path your life could take, it's not all neat and edited but that's a draft for ya! Then if you focus on it enough sometimes the draft can be revised and become a reality.I start off the life path draft with simply In A Dream World.... and let my subconscious desires and wants take over.

In A Dream World.... I get a degree in English and become a famous spoken word artist.  In a dream world I use my experience and fan base with spoken word as the platform that lifts me into becoming a lyricist.In a dream world I work with some of my favorite music artists.In a dream world I write the lyrics to some Grammy award winning songs!In a dream world, I write 5 award winning poetry novels and have a story to contribute and share with young people who faced financial struggle like I have. In a dream world I become an inspiration for putting my heart into my craft.

My daydream doesn't directly align with what I'm actually doing. Some people would consider the difference in my dream path and actual path a cop out, but it's not.A cop out would be banning the act of day dreaming. A cop out would be shaming the daydream. A cop out would be turning myself completely off from the idea of daydreaming altogether.Through this process of daydreaming, I suppose it's a manner of keeping hope alive.Although I'm walking down another path that doesn't mean I don't reserve the right to my other visions. My current path could merely be a manner of time until I'm finally given the opportunity to step into my true desires, but what happens when you're finally  given the opportunity, but can't remember what you wanted to do?So daydreaming is merely the exercise of memory and to let your imagination take you places you may very well go someday. In short- don't shit on the daydreamer.