Thursday, January 30, 2014

Getting Inspired

     You will never find inspiration if you're waiting for it to find you, trust me I know. Lately I've been somewhat uninspired. I haven't been posting to as consistently, I haven't been searching for blogger collabos and writing opportunities like I used to because I was uninspired.
    Every time I even looked at the computer I was filled with dread. I was facing "typist's block".
The only way for me to get out of this uninspired funk was to force myself to get inspired.I forced myself to brainstorm. I forced myself to get reacquainted with my predetermined goals and missions.I forced myself to enjoy the work.Before I knew it I was back in the groove of writing blog posts, brainstorming blogger collabos and creating projects(which I'm currently doing).
The moral of the story kids is that no one said staying in a constant state of inspiration was going to be easy or even fun-but it will be necessary.
With all of that being said I decided to put myself on yet another writing challenge.I will be spending February writing short poetry, you're probably thinking "how is that a challenge?". I noticed a lot of my poetry can be somewhat long, so I want to focus on putting a lot in a little by writing poems that consist of 6 lines at the most, hence the poem above.

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