Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Glorified Insecurity


       Humans are insecure beings, it's natural.The solution is learning to live your life and not allowing insecurity to control it.The vulnerability will always be there but it doesn't have to dictate you.Unfortunately our media in its attempt to normalize the act of being insecure, has taken it and associated it with a trait of sweetness,purity and essentially glorifying it.
     Glorifying the act of being insecure in our society needs to cease.You see it all the time in the media where insecurity is considered a trait of  sweet heart characters, that are unaware of how lovely they are thus making them more lovely.I saw a picture on Facebook that states "the prettiest girls are the girls who don't know they're pretty", so if I'm confident in myself that makes me ugly or less attractive? Bullshit.
         Insecurity is not the magic word for beauty, but I can tell you what it is-exhausting.Insecurities make you unsure about yourself and in a constant subconscious(or conscious) state of looking for approval from whoever will give it to you.Being insecure keeps you up at night, you're constantly feeling defeated and being tossed and turned between one person's opinion on you and another.You can't rely on how others see you forever.Besides, not every person you meet will see your insecurity and approach it with kindness, some people will take advantage of it and thrive off of it. 
        I've been insecure and it hurts a lot, which is why I find it infuriating when people are seemingly mocking a serious problem.There are people who suffer from this issue and yet there are individuals who fake being uncomfortable with themselves because the media has painted these broken characters into a pretty picture.The bottom line is that being insecure(or faking it) will not make you more beautiful, how you see yourself determines your beauty.Stop trying to figure out ways to be beautiful and just be, it really is that simple.

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