Thursday, January 9, 2014

I Can

        Before 2013 I never noticed how much I say "I can't", until I realized I had to stop underestimating my own will to get things done.In high school there were certain things I was interested in.Theatre, cheerleading, joining more clubs but something in me said "I can't". I don't know if it's because I was slightly timid, or because the root of insecurity hadn't been pulled out yet, but "I can't" was one of my favorite phrases.
      In 2013 the phrase "I can't" turned into "I have to", and now it's currently "I did".I said I can't rely on public transportation to get to school, I have and I did. I said I can't walk a mile and a half to get to my class on time, I have and I did.I said I can't transfer to a new university, I have and I did.There were multiple other issues that sprouted during 2013 that I didn't think I could muscle but I did it, perhaps 2013 happened the way it did to eradicate the term I can't from my tongue.Maybe I had to put "I can't" to death so "I can" could grow in it's place. I've been exercising the word I can a lot more, and it feels good to affirm myself and my abilities.I can't always control the situation I'm facing but I can control I how react to it, and by affirming the power I hold within myself, that's reassurance enough that I can do anything.
With all of that being said(or typed), I want everyone to start using the words "I can" a lot more and to stop underestimating yourself. You are so much stronger than you think, do not be afraid of your greatness.


  1. Totally agree with you...I can't will cause defeat before the task even begins!

  2. exactly, and there is no real defeat when you at least try

  3. I'm loving these motivational posts! Yes! x

  4. I'm happy to see they're touching people