Sunday, January 26, 2014

I Left You In Stitches

It has been months since the last time I did an outfit post and frankly I don't have an excuse.I suppose I stopped doing outfit of the day posts because of school and the fact that I wanted to transition my niche into personal style and poetry.In addition part of the reason I stopped doing outfit posts is because my outfits weren't all that creative anymore.
You guys know me well enough by now that if I do repeat a certain item I will remix it until it's blog post worthy right? Well if you didn't now you know, and my outfits just weren't up to par with what I like to do.I stopped sharing my looks because I wasn't dressing with passion.There was no excitement to picking out clothes anymore,this isn't to say I took up a uniform of sweatpants but my brief depression was affecting my interest in clothing.I had a "who really cares what I look like" approach to getting dressed and just didn't feel good in anything.I never thought my life circumstances would effect my self-esteem in such a manner but I'm happy I can now recognize it and fix it.
I decided I'm going to put that passion back into everything I do from picking out clothing,writing, and in this blog.I know these pictures look a bit blurry but if it helps, I can tell you I felt good!

Sweater from Forever21
Pants from Sears
Hair from my Mama
Smile from my Dad