Sunday, January 5, 2014

My Earrings Hang Like Chandeliers

    I felt  my poem above was befitting of this style post today! I decided I want to transition into bigger, bolder earrings.Small earrings have their charm and pack subtle punches but keeping a balance of the latter is great when you like versatility.Some large and in charge earrings can't hurt :).  
    The white earrings and the square gold pair below are bought from a personal shopper, the moon earrings are from a local beauty shop, the gold lightening bolts,arrows and daggers are from  Forever21.Speaking(err typing?) of Forever21, make sure you check me out on instagram to see my most recent Forever21 haul!My instagram is As for the rest of the earrings, the shiny white pair are from Wetseal and the faux gauges are from Hot Topic.
You can tell from the range of shops I list, I do not discriminate on where I get my jewelry.If the jewelry is cute and I want it, I buy it.I feel bad for fashion snobs.Some of the greatest, stand out piece could be out there but because of a sense of elitism, they'll never see it.

          I think it goes without saying my love for statement jewelry isn't going anywhere any time soon.Are you into big jewelry?I know many people avoid large earrings for fear of gaudy-ness(that might not be a word), but I'm at a point in my life where I can't be afraid of that and can only go with what feels right.Let me know about a few recent purchases you've made, better yet feel free to link em below if you made a post on it!

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