Saturday, January 18, 2014

Edit Thy Self

It was brought to my attention on my Facebook page that although my spoken word starts on topic sometimes it goes off  and ends up in a different direction.I'm going to start working on maintaining more focus on my exact topic a lot more.I'll have a new spoken word video done tomorrow and lets hope this realization improves my performance in my videos.
Today's video is about the strong black woman.
It was brought to my attention that the phrase "strong black woman", has been a source of mockery.You'd here people say in their best "sassy black woman" voice say, "I'm a strong black woman" and with a flick of their neck they start laughing.Although there is more to the black woman than just her strength that doesn't mean you mock get to mock it.
 I think it's disgusting to mock black women, whether "it's just a joke" or not.The term "strong black woman" began because it comes from a place where black women had no other choice but being strong.Hopefully this video better explains my frustration and helps people acknowledge how harmful mocking someone's experience is.

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