Monday, February 24, 2014

Comfort In My Temple

This poem was written out of a need for comfort.I needed to be comforted that if someone finds my appearance disturbing or unsettling then that's just my natural queen-like intimidation kicking in ;)
Believe it or not it's happened to me, while on the bus or walking through the mall I've had someone eyeball me in a rude manner.
    At first when someone looked at me in "a way" it made me want to run out of my skin but not anymore.I refuse to hate my temple just because someone else finds it appalling.My temple is mine. I can't control what your temple does and I definitely can't control what another person's temple sees.
 I can only be me, look like me, and do the things that come naturally.So if my powerful aura is too much of a threat for you then I suggest you get comfortable with being uncomfortable and relinquish the power you've already given to me, up.

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