Thursday, February 27, 2014


I have escapist tendencies.When things look at it's worse and I literally can't control the situation any longer, I want to walk away from it altogether.The desire to escape situations I can't control or change is mind dizzying especially when you have no means of escaping.The frustration of wanting to run away and then not having the ability to is stifling.It's like having hot smoke in your chest and no water in sight.
Besides the frustration there's anxiety that kicks in. The anxiety feels as though  someone else is in your head telling you to get out repeatedly, but they speak to quickly and you can't respond.
Don't get me wrong there are good things to escapism.Some of the greatest literature and film have been created off of the basis of a means to escape.But at the end of the day you can only avoid a problem for so long.What do you do when you confront the problem and can't solve it?
Once you put forth that effort to solve the issue and there's literally nothing else you can do, then it means there's nothing left you can do.You have to let the things you can't change go and recognize the situation is out of your hands.The only thing you can do now is react as the situation unfolds and be confident in your ability to handle it.


  1. jesus this is so relateable. i'm a runner too - i think it's because i'm a bit of a wimp. i haaaate any sort of confrontation!


  2. We're totally in the same boat, it's just after a while I realized I can't run forever.I hope you figure out the best way to handle your situation and I'm wishing you the best