Friday, February 14, 2014

I Like Black Lipstick

      I want this poem to represent more than just how much I love the color black but more so the affect we have on people when we're living our truth.Coming across genuine people is rare and they are so inspiring without even knowing it.Genuine people who are honest and true to who they are inspire those who are afraid to be themselves.
When I was younger I admired many people from celebrities to even some of my peers for their ability to be so comfortable in their own skin.Many of them were just doing what comes natural but it spoke volumes to me and motivated me to truly step into who I am.Leave a comment below about someone who has inspired you to stay true to yourself.


  1. This is beautiful - I love it.


  2. I love your blog


  3. love this poem, it says so much about being yourself and just doing what you want and that is amazing <3 also makes me want to get myself a black lipstick now haha <3

  4. thanks so much for the feedback and yes go get that black lipstick!