Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sleep the Pain Away

If you follow me on Twitter(@Deejay_Speaks) you probably would of seen my most recent rant about letting things go.We let the little things from ages ago bother us in the present.I'm one of those people that when I can't sleep, I'll lie in the darkness and I'll have brief memories visit me.I'll remember that one time a kid picked on me, or I'll remember when I failed a test or how something embarrassing from like 5 years ago happened.
It boggles my mind, how when I'm trying to clear my head long enough to fall asleep all of the crud of the past seems to pop up, I have a theory for it.
All of the crap from the past can't sustain life when you're actively participating in the present so it sneaks up on you.When you're at your weakest right before you sleep,make yourself remember all of the good stuff that happened earlier in the day. Train yourself to think of happy moments before falling asleep because somewhere along the line you've trained yourself to do otherwise. 
I've been working on thinking optimistic and happier thoughts before falling asleep and surprisingly it helps.If you don't think this method will help your sleeping pattern, research and let me know about a few other happy sleeping methods because I'm always open to new ones.Sleep is so important towards success, making sure you wake up refreshed determines if those ideas flow out of you, or if you'll have to dig them out with a dull shovel.


  1. I enjoy reading what you write mainly because its true. great post x

  2. aw another great piece!
    I agree about the other thinking think at night, but PMA all day everyday :)