Saturday, February 8, 2014

Thank You Phillis Wheatley

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Do you guys every think about the ripple effect of your actions?Sometimes I think about the choices I make and if they effect more than just myself in the future.It's only natural to have a focus on your passion but do you ever think about who we touch in the process and in what way?
   This is why I adore black history month.The people we honor did more than make history, they created opportunities that African Americans use now.One person in particular I want to remember is Phillis Wheatley.
 Phillis Wheatley was the second published black poet and the first black female published poet,whose writings set the platform for African American literature.Phillis Wheatley followed her love of writing and inadvertently laid the stepping stones for someone like me to write and share my creations.Thank you Phillis Wheatley.

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