Friday, February 28, 2014

The Last Day

        The brand of this blog is poetry and personal style.Surprisingly I find that these particular topics don't often collaborate in the blogosphere often. I've found another blog that incorporates both style and poetry which you can see here,'s an excellent blog, I definitely recommend it).As much as I encourage people to create their own brands and niches I'd be lying if I said I wasn't apprehensive at first.
When I first started introducing more of my own writing and poetry I was nervous I was going to lose the few followers I had.I was nervous no one would understand my blog.  I did it anyway because it felt right and true to myself to do it.I like to think that every person who goes out of their way to remain true to themselves are doing both themselves a favor and inspiring those who are too afraid to come out of their shells too.
So what if people don't understand my blog's brand.I feel comfortable sharing my truth and that includes both personal style and poetry.Speaking(err typing)of personal style I want to introduce you guys to a new blog challenge I'm doing for March. I'm also doing a segment on my fashion blog She Has The Eye.
      I'll be doing nothing but personal style posts for March, that means lookbooks,fashion blogger collabs,outfit of the day posts, lust lists, and some musings I have about the fashion industry.On She Has The Eye I'll be conducting interviews with fashion bloggers about social media stats, influence, and what to do with that influence.
Let me know in the comment section about your hobbies, no matter how in or out of the box they are.

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  1. thank you and I totally agree, I think by combining both passions we're developing our own specific niches and there's nothing wrong with that to me.