Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Why It's Okay to Be A Little Suspicious

Not everyone is your friend nor does everyone know how to be a friend.Be aware of who you're sharing your life with and what you're sharing.I know it can be easy to share what's in your heart because why be suspicious of other people, they're humans too.
But just like humans they are flawed and they carry experiences with them that control them in different manners.You can't control what someone else does but you can control what you do, so be aware of who you spend your  precious time and space with.


  1. So true, love the post. We as human beings are bound to make mistakes, so limiting what you share goes a long way.

  2. this is very true, I think people have to be so caution with who they put their trust in!


  3. yep, and it's not to be afraid of new people just to proceed with care ya know