Saturday, March 1, 2014

31 Days of Deejay's Style: Day 1:Fashion Blogger Inspiration

Okay so you guys know I run 2 different blogs, this one Deejay Speaks and She Has The Eye.She Has The Eye is the more fashionable sister of the two at the moment and I don't know how I feel about that frankly.I still want Deejay Speaks to be a personal style blog, but every time I think of a style post I end up posting it on She Has The Eye because I feel like it fits that blog better.
So what do you do when you have 2 blogs but only one brain... you think of more stuff that's what you do!So today will be a new series for the new month of March, called 31 Days of Deejay's Speaks' Style.I decided for today's style oriented post, I'm going to share some of my favorite style bloggers at the moment.

All bloggers and their pictures below are provided with a back link if you are one of the bloggers featured and wish to have your picture removed contact me via social media or my email found in the contact me section, and it will be taken down ASAP.

London's Closet

Shope and Shore of London's Closet are fraternal twins with epic style.Seriously, these 2 young women have been inspiring me from the very beginning of my blogging journey.Seeing how each of their styles have progressed and witnessing the success of their blog is a beautiful feat and it's motivating to beginner bloggers as well.They both have captured this fresh,trendiness to their looks that they always sculpt to their specific tastes.

Amy Valentine

     Amy Valentine is awesome sauce.From her cotton candy hair to her vampy lips, she's killing it.I love her outfits so much, there's always this dark romance element that I want to apply in my outfits a lot more.

Blake Von D.

Modern, chic and sleek is what I would describe Blake Von D.'s style as. When I first saw Blake's blog I gasped in all honesty, there' such a level of fierceness to her looks.There is confidence in each look she does and I adore her hair!

Nokhuthula of Crystal Cosmic Chic

           Color collaboration meets print party is exactly what I define Nokhuthula's style. Nokhuthula has been taking tips from Solange and adapting it to her own personal looks, and I love it!!She always packs so much color and oomph to her style.She's consistently inspiring me to take the plunge into color and you know that means something to me seeing as how I dress a bit vampire-like, from time to time.

Bryony of Belizabeth Selway Blog

Bryony serves fun glam in each of her looks.There's always a fun element in her accessories and some kind of shine to her outfit. 

Salted Roses

Amy Liddell of Salted Roses has captured a chic feminine approach to current trends in her daily looks.I love her style and I love the quality of her photos themselves, in addition to her makeup.

Purple Ivy

Ivy of Purple Ivy has a style that goes from classically feminine to modern and feminine with her usage of mixed prints and color.She really makes me want to step up my skirt and dress game.

Colour Me In

Shamie Chirimuuta of Colour Me In has spoken to the inner prepster inside of me that I didn't know existed. I have never been the type to enjoy feminine preppy looks, but this girl does it so well it makes me want to give it a try.She plays with fit,light colors and texture so well she's definitely inspiring me.

These are some of the newer blogs I've begun following and styles that I've been admiring.I noticed that as my taste grows and broadens so does my blogger dashboard lol. Please give the lovely young ladies featured above a look, they really do have awesome blogs. 

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