Friday, March 28, 2014

Day 28:Another Moodboard For The Road

        Sometimes I can lose a bit of my fashion mojo, which is what produces these moodboards!This board is a mix of vintage and modern fashion(do you see Danielle Fishell(a.k.a. Topanga from Boy Meets World my first hair crush) and Rider Strong(Shawn Hunter from Boy Meets World, one of the 1st crushes I've ever had) in that cute ad at the top.I'm torn in a world where I want to go back to the 90s or have a chance at living in the 80s versus having specific interests in some current fashion trends at the moment.

My nostalgia has been borderline overwhelming and this is a decent reflection of that.I don't know how to shake this desire for the past perhaps I can use it to my advantage.


  1. Tyra looks beautiful there x