Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day 11:What Do You Mean Statement Piece?

The word statement piece gets thrown around a lot in fashion.Many people associate statement pieces with being large,dramatic and sometimes outrageous.Personally,I've always defined a statement piece as a piece that makes a statement to you.
If a specific item stands out to you, speaks to a part of yourself you can't quite describe in words then that's your statement piece.The item that says everything you want to say without having to verbalize it is your statement piece.For instance, a simple pair of silver band rings might not seem like a statement piece to many, but how that specific person approaches the rings and what they associate the rings with is whether they decide this piece is representing them.
I think that's part of the beauty of fashion,it's all so visual and yet sends a message without words(and sometimes with words if you have the right graphic tee).Fashion is approached differently by everyone and everyone interprets things differently so a statement piece isn't always a large chandelier-like necklace(in my case it usually is, but that's just me), sometimes it's a ribbon in the hair or the silver sole to a pair of heels.A statement piece is what makes a statement to you.
Below I have a picture of me wearing what I consider my latest statement piece.I bought this ear cuff a few weeks  ago, it has a clasp that clips on to my ear, that's what makes it looks as though its been pieced.I find this ear cuff to be an edgy statement.I like to think the spikes are a little threatening(I don't know why I consider this a good thing, but I do lol).My ear cuff says "I'm cute but don't mess with me", what does your favorite statement piece say or what do you associate it with?


  1. good read, i like and understood your point of view on 'statement pieces', lovely hair and the ear cuff is gorgeous


  2. thank you so much, I really appreciate that

  3. Totally agree with your definition of statement piece..love this piece on you.