Thursday, March 13, 2014

Day 13: Blaze on Blazer

         Blazers mean the world to my wardrobe.My obsession goes just slightly beyond normal. I'm compelled to buy 90 percent of the blazers I see, all the time.There's something about a blazer from it's strong,structure and association with sophistication that I find alluring.When I put on an awesome blazer, I feel good, I feel mature and I feel like I can kick ass. When I think of super hero suits and power outfits, a blazer is always in the mix of mine.I buy blazers with slight details,different neutral tones, and texture.

I think it's time I played with print more as far as my outerwear.Printed blazers are always so intimidating to me, so before I take the step and purchase one I decided to exercise a little creativity.Below you'll see about 4 looks styled after the blazers in each set.When I create sets like this,I'm developing a blue print for my future outfits this way I don't waste money on something that seemed like a good idea but realistically wasn't. Am I the only one who creates a style plan before buying something?

Blazer Domination

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