Saturday, March 15, 2014

Day 15: I Grew Out of My Category

When I was younger I was obsessed with darker fashion.Although I knew I loved edgier, goth-inspired pieces I wasn't always in control of my closet like I am now.If I had my closet and clothing choices all to myself when I was younger my wardrobe would be composed off spikes,rips,tears,acid wash,black,studs,skinny jeans just tons of skinny jeans.

I wanted to look intimidating,tough and a little rock star-esque.As I've gotten older I realize there are other ways of leaving a powerful impression on people.My style choices started to vary and I had urges to look into other kinds of things like silhouette and fabrics.The only thing still intact from my previous style obsession is my love of black clothing,pleather jackets,plaid,spikes and quirky jewelry,other than that my style has been in limbo.
Every time I'm asked to describe my style I never have exact terms.All I can tell you as far as my style is who inspires me and what items I like.I feel like there's no phrase that encompasses all my fashion interests.I can't tell if these are style growing pains or this is the part of fashion no one tells you about when you get older.
As we mature perhaps we recognize that life is too short to remain in the boundaries of one kind of style. I think I've outgrown the labeling process, and I'm just going with the flow.Is not having a specific category to fit into a bad thing?

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