Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day 20: Is Daisy Print A Neutral?

We've seen graphic tees being paired with flannel button downs in the Winter.We've seen off the wall colors and camouflage clash in the Fall.But is this season's unpredictable print-the daisy?Daisy print no doubt is being derived from the 90s revival, but what are we going to do with it this time that we didn't do before?I remember from the 90s the go to look was a daisy printed baby doll dress and Doc Marten boots(or Timbalands), it was that mash up of tough hippie chicness that made it all the rage.

I'd love to try some more modern interpretations of this daisy print such as:
  1. We've witnessed daisy crop tops during the 90s but not the entire daisy sweater.The sweater can be dressed up and down, but for a spin on the trend I'd wear it with a pair of red skinny jeans to stand off on it's black and white print.
  2. Do I really need to explain this backpack?It's feminine,functional and coated in what's quickly becoming the new neutral for the Spring and Summer! Wear this bag with just about every casual outfit and I guarantee it will work.
  3. The last and most certainly not least, is the overall jumpsuit from Asos.Daisy print has adorned a lot of things, skater dresses, skater skirts, pinafores but never have I seen it on an entire jumpsuit.This jumpsuit is a garden of variety, I'd wear it with a striped top underneath and hot pink nails for a little punch, keeping it subtle with military boots.
What do you think of the daisy print, is it a classic go-to for the ages or a revived fad?

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