Friday, March 21, 2014

Day 21: Inspire Me

I was grinding my teeth through writer's and style block.I didn't feel like my eye for fashion and my passion for writing are collaborating like they used to.Honestly, I just felt-off.Like there's a button that's been pressed too many times and it's stuck inward, losing power at the same time.
I tried to pop back into my old self and bring some zest forward once more, so I worked on getting inspired. Don't knack the power of a well produced moodboard.Pictures can provoke and soothe the spirit by each glance, and right now I need to be provoked.I created the collage below of style images that spoke to me.

Looking at this image makes me want to go play dress up.Looking at this image makes me want to shop.Looking at this image makes me think of a few blog posts I could be writing right now.Staring at this set of style, relatable characters and fashion wants(i.e. the holographic clutch at the top) brings back the memories of untangled passion.Looking at this reminds me of the freedom of fashion, and freedom of fashion blogging, and suddenly I feel like my writer's block doesn't weigh so much.
What do you do to get rid of mental blocks, create, meditate or sleep it off?Let me know in the comments and lets discuss the nastiness that is the mental block.

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