Saturday, March 22, 2014

Day 22:Crop Top Controversy

Last Summer I told myself I'd wear a crop top and kind of failed.The top I wore was like a high low, crop to hybrid.This year I bought a crop top that's actually cropped and I plan on baring my tummy to the world(or at least a little bit of it). I've finally mastered the confidence to wear the crop top comfortably, which is why I purchased this top on sale from Wet Seal.Since my fear of crop tops has come crumbling down you're probably thinking "there's nothing controversial about this top then...", you'd be wrong.

I'm a comic book lover.I'm a Marvel fan.Often my knowledge and fan credibility for Marvel tends to be questioned because I'm a girl. 
I've read the horror stories of random guys approaching people and harassing them about the t-shirt they're wearing because it's Marvel themed.These random people go out of their way to figure out if the person wearing the Marvel t-shirt is a real fan or not.
What pisses me off about this invasive practice is that it's rarely done with the intention of building conversation, often its done to make someone feel inferior and someone else feel superior as a result.I don't get dressed to have some random dude ask me about the clothes I'm wearing, just so he can determine if I deserve to wear it.I wear what I wear,because I want to.POINT.BLANK.PERIOD.
Don't waste your precious time and energy entertaining foolishness.This is what it means to participate in fashion freedom, to dress for yourself and be so content in yourself that you don't have to be concerned with someone else's approval.You can apply the same fashion freedom exercise when you encounter people who think they get to determine what a "crop top ready body" is from one that isn't.
The bottom line is that there's always going to be someone out there with an opinion.You can't outrun opinions but you can build a place of comfort within yourself that will help you when you someone tries to force their opinion on you.It's not about beating the opinion down it's about having a built up enough confidence that the opinion of someone else won't matter or hold enough weight to harm you.


  1. I love crop tops, theyre great with high waisted jeans x

    1. Yea,they always look great with high waisted pants and skirts,it does something great to the figure